The Best Thule Bike Racks

Are you a crazy fan of cycling? A cyclist who loves exploring new terrains on their two-wheelers? If yes, then here a list of the best Thule bike racks that might interest you!

Bike racks are a lifesaver! Towing your bike to the vehicle isn’t a feasible option every time. The rope can snap off, throwing off your bike and hurting those within the diameter of it.

This is why a bike rack is the safest way to transport your bicycle. It is compact, affordable and most importantly, promises complete security of your steed. Do not know which carrier to go for! Then read through the article to choose the best ones for yourself!

  1. Thule Vertex XT Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

The First place on the best bike rack goes to none other than the Thule Vertex XT Hitch Bike Carrier. This bike carrier is designed with intricacy, focusing on every detail to make it a worthy choice.

The carrier can hold up to two bikes at a time with a combined weight that is no more than 70 pounds. For guaranteed secured of your two-wheeled vehicle, the rack comes built-in cable lock, made of highly durable material that hides away when not in use.

This Thule trunk bike rack is innovatively designed which makes it an easy fit for all cars. The arc shape of the carrier allows you to fix it without a tool kit and clear way to grab hold of your stuff from the trunk.

Also, the “Hold fast Cradle” ensures complete safety of your bicycles by absorbing the road shocks and keeping it steading through bumpy rides. The no-sway and the no-wobble feature is a highlight for this product1

  1. Thule Insta-Gator Trunk Mount

Transporting your bike without a rack is very risky! Thus, why not go for a rack that is inexpensive yet serves the purpose completely?

The Thule Insta-Gator Trunk mount is what you should have a close look at! This 9.9 pounds rack is super light yet definitely not less in terms of performance! It is highly compatible with cars of all types, even good enough to fit at the back of a truck!

This Thule trunk bike rack comes with an integrated One-key system, making it easy and quick to install. The product comes with a list of cars and dial numbers, thus, look up for your model, put in the number, and watch the rack latch to your car’s trunk within seconds.

You’ll save some good minutes on hooking every strap individually, which can of course ruin your vehicle paint job as well if done carelessly. With the One-Key system, you do not need any drills or bolts to fix the rack in place, making it a great fixer for a non-professional who’s bad at following instructions.

The Insta-Gator can hold up to 50 lbs of weight and fit in bike with tires 3” wide without a hassle. This bike rack is packed with modern features, which is what makes it a great choice for cyclists!

  1. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

Here is another popular trunk mount carrier design amongst bike owners. The Thule passage bike rack is flexible and lightweight. The flexibility adds to its easy installation while the cushioned frames ensure your vehicle remains safe from damage.

The metal hooks on most average racks are known to ruin the paint or dent your cars, thus, the cushion covered clamps of the Thule frame makes its great choice for hassle-free installation.

The addition of the FitDial System makes the Thule trunk bike rack amazing equipment for everyone! You do not need to worry about owning a tool kit to fix it in place. Rather, just dial in your number as mentioned on the list that comes along the product and let the rack work through it.

This versatile bike rack comes with six top-notch quality strap that can support two to three bikes simultaneously without cutting loose. No matter which bike you own, this carrier will support you through the drive, carrying your bikes safely to its destination.

But the story doesn’t end here! The Thule Passage Mount Trunk Carrier is compact and easily foldable, so when not in use, you can fold it to store away!

  1. Thule 982XT Frame Adapter

Are you wondering what a bike adapter is doing in a list of the best bike racks? Well, the Thule 982XT might just be adapter to name but is surely worth mentioning here.

What purpose does it serve?

This piece of rod made from metal and rubber is an accessory that can help you fit in bikes of “unusual” sizes.


Well, you might have a rack installed on the trunk of your car that has been working fine for your “average bike”. But since you upgraded to a mountain bike, the carrier doesn’t perform as you might want it to. This is where this adapter can help you!

The Thule 982XT Frame Adapter comes with telescopic properties, making it easy to adjust according to the size of your bicycle and rack. The adapter easily connects with the stem of your bike, acting as an extra bar for the bike placement.

It is made of durable metal and rubber collars. The push-button clamps make it easy to install and de-install in case you wish to use it no longer. The Thule adapter extends up to 30.5” and lightweight, making it a brilliant tool for holding heavier bikes without a problem.

The hanging-style carrier is strong enough to support both light and heavy bikes equally well, without making the frame unsteady and wobbly. So, rather shifting to another expensive bike rack just because you upgrade your two-wheeler, grab this frame adapter at a cheaper price right away!

  1. Thule Parkway Hitch Mount Rack

Looking for a product that can be used a million times and still last a decade? Than the Thule Parkway hitch Mount Rack is what you should give a shot to! This comes with Thule’s lifetime warranty, promising to help you with after-sales services even after 10 years of satisfactory usage!

This model easily fixes to the hitch bar of your car and can conveniently carry four bicycles at a time. It surely is one of the best racks for people who love cycling with friends and family, making transportation of multiple bikes simultaneously a piece of cake.

This Thule trunk bike rack is flexible, designed to tilt away from the car when fixed so that you can reach into your trunk even when the carrier is holding your heavy two-wheelers. Also, the frame consists of a soft rubber cradle which protects the bicycle from brushing against the car and getting flawed.

The Thule Parkway Hitch Rack is made out of high-duty steel for promised durability and guaranteed performance. Despite the metal frame, the rack itself weighs only 33 pounds, making it super lightweight and effortless to install. The addition of the Thule Fit Kit allows the rack to perfectly workaround with Bike lock and Snug-Tite receiver lock, thus, safety and security is never a problem!

  1. Thule Easy Fold XT Bike Carrier

Also, referred to as the flagship model, the Thule Easy Fold XT carrier is a high-end product that promises to be the best in terms of durability, stability, and security. It consists of a platform that can easily place two bikes at a time, even mountain bikes without the fear of breaking loose.

The rack itself weighs around 48 pounds, heavier than an average carrier, and can happily manage a load up to 130 pounds. And as the name suggests, the Thule Easy fold XT carrier is foldable, thus you can transform it into a briefcase that comes with an ergonomic handle for easy carriage.

Features like the adjustable wheel straps keep the bikes locked in place while the Uptight Torque limiter knob attaches the carrier to the rear end of the car, ensuring security and safety of your two-wheelers.

Also, the rack is intelligently designed with a tilting platform, so even when the bikes are strapped on it, you can fit in your hand and grab your stuff from the trunk without a problem!

  1. Thule 9001 Raceway 2 Bike Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Thule 9001 bike rack has surely been designed with a difference! This carrier is super easy to install and makes a great choice for occasional cyclists. For those who go for a bike ride once in a while, this rack will help them transporting their two-wheel steed in no time at all.

This Thule trunk bike rack is foldable and weighs only 22 pounds. Hence, when not in use, you can de-install it and fold it away until next time! This surely guarantees the longer performance of the equipment if taken care of in times of ‘no use”.

Another great thing about this model is that it can fit in bikes of different sizes and weights. It comes along with rubber padding over the frame that protects both your bike and vehicle from unnecessary damage. The no-sway cage can hold a minimum of two bikes simultaneously and the cables ensure the bicycles are well fixed in place.

And best of all, the road dampening technology embedded in the rack established a protecting again wobbling and shaking of the frame by absorbing shocks while driving.

  1. Thule 955 No-Sway Cage Hitch

It is time to talk about the Thule 955 No-sway cage hitch next! It isn’t a rack in the real sense but serves the purpose of a bike carrier pretty well. It is inexpensive, durable, and promises to transport your bike safely like any other average bike rack!

This anti-sway hitch is a bar that holds your bikes firmly in place. Not only does it protect your bike from scratching your car but also keeps the frame steady to survive through bumpy rides.

The cage hitch weighs around 10 pounds with dimensions 10x7x2.5”, big enough to hold mountain bikes in place. This 955 No-sway cage hitch can easily be installed and removed, making it a great accessory to have for added security of your two-wheelers. And most importantly, this hitch won’t cost you a fortune!

  1. Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

The Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar is available in two wonderful colors- silver and black, making you fall in love with its shine and shimmer. But the story doesn’t just end here! This sleekly designed flagship rack is portable and light, making it everyone’s favorite.

It weighs only 6 pounds, fixes on the roof of your vehicle like a pro, thus making transportation of your bikes smooth and convenient.

The Aeroblade Roof Rack by Thule is like a cluster of sophisticated features, exciting you with every revelation. This carrier is laden with technologies including BoxBeam extrusion, WindDiffuser textured surface for smooth driving through fast winds, SmartSlide, and SwingBlade pivots, all of which enhance its performance.

This Thule trunk bike rack is aerodynamic and comes with a Thule Rider-On Adapter feet for holding the bike separately. Lastly, it is compatible with most vehicles so you do not need to worry about fixing it.

  1. Thule Raceway Pro Rack

Another one of Thule’s bike rack that is loved by the majority around the glove is the Thule Raceway Pro Rack, a carrier that weighs around 24 pounds only. But do not be shocked by its weight! This lightweight rack can easily hold up to 3 bikes at a time.

This Thule trunk bike rack comes with SureTught cables for guaranteed security of your bike. The cables along with a pivoting lock cover and a cylinder ensure the cycle is tightly held in place. Also, the carrier absorbs road shock, which keeps the frame and bike steady and safe from bumping into another, causing any damage.

A three bike holder that is firm and steady, what else could one want in a bike rack?

Selecting the Best Thule Bike Rack for Your Car

A bike rack makes transportation of bicycles easy. No matter you have to go the next street or drive down miles to your favorite cycling place, bike racks are the easiest way to carry your two-wheeler steeds with convenience, style, and safety.

But, how do you know which Thule bike rack is “right” for your vehicle and bike? Here is how you can select the best carrier for yourself:

  1. Roof Mount Rack

Without covering extra space on the car, the roof bike racks quickly mount to the top of the vehicle. You can place multiple bikes at a time without worrying about them falling off. But, roof mount racks are only designed to hold bikes of lightweight. If you own a mountain bike or something similar then this carrier is a big NO!

Also, the rack can hinder your vision, especially on foggy nights as it covers the taillights. Plus, you might end up difficulty in finding parking spaces with higher doors, rubbing the bicycles against doors, and damaging it.

  1. Hitch Mount Rack

When it comes to safely transport your bike, nothing can beat the hitch mount rack. These racks are easy to install at the back of the trunk and can carry the heaviest of bikes without snapping off.

The Thule trunk bike rack is crafted from high-quality material, adding to its durability and stability so you can fix multiple bikes at a time. Some even are designed with flexibility and compactness so even after strapping in your bicycles, you can access the trunk of your vehicles.

As compared to a roof rack, the hitch mount racks are much studier, better for heavier bikes, and durable.

  1. Spare Tire Mount Rack

Although less common, the spare tire mount is ideal for SUV owners. It fixes quickly to the spare tire frame and can usually carry one bike at a time only! Because of the design and performance, it offers, most spare tire mount racks are cheap to buy.

  1. Trunk-Mount Bike Rack

Compatible with most cars, trunk mount racks are popular amongst bicycle owners today. These easy to install racks are inexpensive and readily available in the market, fixing to the back of your trunk without a hassle.

Most racks, especially Thule hitch mounts are made of high-quality materials that ensure durability, sturdiness, and safe transportation of your bikes. Because the racks come with straps and clamp for installation, you do not need any special tools for coronation. All you need to do is strap it in, pull them and you’re good to go!

What Makes a Bike Rack Worthy of purchase?

This question might have crossed your mind a million times, because, let’s admit it, you wouldn’t want to invest in a piece of equipment that is cheap and of poor quality.

Hence, what makes a rack not just good but “great”? Here is what you should look out for:

  1. Material

You might be tempted to buy an expensive rack because the bigger price tag means better quality, right? Not necessarily! Even racks with lesser prices are at times made out of quality material, which ensures durability and guaranteed usage for years to come by.

Most carriers are made of steel, but always look for connecting points welded together right. Cheaper metals won’t be able to hold the weight of your bicycle and end up falling off, hurting those in the way. The frame of the rack should be manufactured from strong material like steel of top-notch quality, thus, only then you can be sure of its durability and sturdiness.

  1. Compatibility

Although, most bike racks are designed to fit cars of different types, still, you need to be sure of which rack goes great with your model. Some vehicles have bigger trunks, thus, roof-top racks suit them better. Or you can simply go for adapters that are inexpensive to buy, fix easily or hold bikes securely in place for safer transportation.

  1. Price Tag

Spending a fortune on equipment like this isn’t a great idea! You might want to upgrade to a better, heavier bike and the rack might not be suitable for it anymore. This is why always look at the price tag before spending blindly on carriers.

A bigger tag doesn’t necessarily mean greater quality! Carefully look at the design of the rack and material used in its manufacturing, and then be sure it matches the price. If your low on a budget go for a rack that is “average” but with good reviews, or else spending even a few dollars will become meaningless.

  1. Durability

To buy a rack that lasts a lifetime, you need to be sure that it is made from premium steel, is welded together perfectly, and has no flaws. But of course, no equipment can offer everything, except those priced highs.

Even if a rack lasts for 5 to 10 years with continuous usage, the investment is worth it! But remember, the better the quality of material used in the manufacturing of the rack, the longer it will last.

Quick Tips to Remember

To ensure the rack lasts longer than anticipated, here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Read the manual carefully before setting the rack up. This is because if you have no idea how to do it, you might just end up damaging both your vehicle and bike rack in the process.
  2. Choose a rack that is made from stainless steel to avoid problems like rusting of the rack, which can affect its performance. Stainless steel frames will ensure your bike rack lasts for decades without any harm!
  3. Do not place load more than the rack can handle. It might say it can hold up to 80 pounds of bicycle weight, which means you need to stay on the lower side of the scale. Go overboard more than once and you’ll weaken the frame.

A tool like a bike rack is a one-time investment for most. This is why make sure you buy the right thing!

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