Best Rhode Gear Bike Racks

Looking for a durable bike rack that is easy to install and powerful enough to accommodate your heavy bikes? Well then, an average rack surely won’t work for you! You need something way better than any off-shelf rack.

You need the Rhode gear bike rack that promises great performance under the harshest of weather conditions.

There was a time when Rhode Gear ruled the market with its brilliant sports gear, but then under some unknown circumstances, the company stopped its production only to come back with a bang under a new name, of course!

Known as Prorack now, the company has been designing some amazing bike racks for its customers!

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s have a closer look at what it has to offer.

Rhode Gear Super Shuttle 2-Bike Rack/ the New Prorack 2-Bike

If your searching for Rhode Gear best bike rack, nothing can beat the Super Shuttle 2-bike rack when it comes down to performance and quality!

The rack is made of heavy-duty steel which promises to transport multiple bikes without bending under the weight. The anti-sway hooks that come along the rack keeps your bikes firmly in place so that they don’t end up bumping in one another during transit, eliminating the risk of damage on the way.

The Super Shuttle 2-bike rack is durable, easy to install, and a top-notch quality rack that gives you the ultimate solution to your bike carrying issues! Moreover, it is available at $64 only, making it extremely affordable for all bike enthusiasts out there.

Rhode Gear Bike Rack Highway 2- Prorack Replacement

Highway 2 bike rack is yet another amazing device manufactured by Rhode Gear. But unfortunately, the equipment soon ran out of stock yet to come back with a newer version introduced by the Australians, under the name of Prorack!

This Prorack bike rack is manufactured using heavy-duty steel which adds to its high-end performance. Also, it is compatible with most vehicles, especially those without a trunk! Highway 2 is easy to install and ideal for an entire family of bike enthusiasts as it can accommodate three bikes at a time, without breaking loose under the weight.

Doesn’t matter which type of bike do you own, the anti-sway cradles will hold the stud down tightly and make sure it reaches the destination safely and securely. Furthermore, it is best for carrying heavier bikes like a maintained bicycle which comes with a broader frame and wheels.

And the fun part is, Highway 2 by Prorack is a bike rack that is inexpensive yet promises to deliver a quality performance each time you use it!

Rhode Gear Bike Rack Super Shuttle 3- Replaced by Prorack 3 bike 

It is time to talk about another one of Rhode Gear’s fabulous creations, the Super Shuttle 3, a bike rack that is absolutely love!

This one is an updated version of the Super Shuttle and sold under the brand name of Prorack. Like its fellow gear, the rack comes with a strong steel body and anti-sway holders that promise safety, durability, and ease carriage of your studs.

The Super Shuttle 3 comes with no extra parts for installation and can easily be fixed at the back of your trunk in no time at all. And as the name suggests, the rack is good enough to carry three bikes at a time, held down by anti-sway cradles for hassle-free transportation.

For avid bikers who are low on a budget this month, rather than going for an expensive bike rack, opt for one of these Proracks that are best in terms of performance and priced at extremely affordable rates!

Prorack 4 Bike Hitch Carrier

Last but not the least; the Prorack bike rack comes with enough space to accommodate 4 bikes at a time. Yes, you heard it right! This rack is ideal for a whole family that loves planning biking trips every weekend to their favorite spots.

Moreover, as the name says, this rack is compatible with most vehicles, especially perfect for cars with a hitch. it is made out of solid steel and takes merely 15 minutes to unpack and assemble! The Prorack 4 bike hitch carrier is made with a sturdy frame that offers durability and hassle-free performance for years to come by.

The rack uses no straps to fix in place, yet is super steady when it comes to the safe transportation of the studs. And even if you face a problem anytime soon, Prorack’s 3-year warranty will sort out things without a problem!

How to Mount a Rhode Gear Bike Rack to the Vehicle

As much as bicycling is fun and healthy, carrying it along with you on a long trip can be a problem. No matter how much space do you have in your car, transporting the studs with the right equipment can cause damage to them later.

Hence, when it comes down to the safe haulage of your bikes, the Rhode Gear bike is the perfect equipment to look up to. Furthermore, even for a person with no prior knowledge of racks, this one is super quick, convenient, and easy to install?

Don’t trust our word? Here is how easy it is to mount the rack to your vehicle:

  1. Unscrew the knobs

Are you done with the unboxing of the rack? Next, move on to unscrewing the side knobs. Do not take them out; just unscrew them a little so that you have room to move the arms. Adjust the arms according to the height of your trunk, and tighten the knobs.

  1. The Arms need to be straight

Once fixed in place, ensure the arms are straight while the carry arms lay horizontal to the truck. Use the wider and shorter nylon hooks to attach the rack to the top of the trunk and the longer, wider ones underneath the bumper of your car. And now you’re left with the narrow hooks, right? These need to be attached to either side of your car’s trunk. Sounds easy, huh?

  1. Tighten the straps

Furthermore, when you are sure everything is fixed right in place, pull the straps to tighten them so that the rack becomes sturdy and guarantees to carry the bikes safely on the longer route!

Why choose Rhode Gear Bike Rack?

If you’re considering to buy a bike rack anytime soon, here is why you choose to prefer Rhode Gear’s bike rack over other brands:

  1. Affordable

One of the biggest reasons why you should buy a bike rack by Prorack/Rhode Gear is that their gear is super affordable! Unlike other expensive labels, they manufacture top quality racks that are priced surprisingly low. So for someone low on budget, this label makes a great choice!

  1. Durability

Rhode Gear’s bike racks offer durability. Because most of these are designed out of heavy-duty steel, they have the power to withstand the harshest of weather without compromising on its performance. Yes, that is right! invest in this low budget rack once and you’ll get to enjoy a lifetime of performance without a problem.

  1. Easy to Install

For some people, installing a bike rack can be more of a headache, because let’s admit it, no one likes screwing bolts and nuts into their vehicle and running the paint job.

Rhode Gear bike rack saves you the pain of installation! The rack is super easy to install and with just a few hooks fixed in place, you’ll be all set to use.

  1. Compatibility

Unlike an average rack, the bike racks manufactured by Rhode Gear are compatible with most vehicles.

Most of the models by these labels use universal adaptors that make them an easy fix for most cars. Whether you own a motorhome or a car with a hitch, this rack will settle in place without the need for additional accessories or tools, using only straps to lock in place.

  1. Bike Holding Capacity and Safety

Racks by Rhode Gear are designed keeping in mind the need of an entire family. You have the option to choose from either a single bike carrier or a rack that can accommodate up to 4 bikes at a time. And yes, even if you plan on placing more than one in a single go, the rack promises to carry them safely and securely.

The Final Words

Finding a bike rack that is of high quality but well within your budget is a tough job. When you have such an amazing variety available in the market regarding racks, it becomes a difficult choice especially for people who have no idea what to look for.

When you talk of getting a bike rack at fewer prices, Rhode Gear/Prorack is the only name that won’t disappoint! The label has the best range of bike racks with a lifetime warranty. Quality, strong body, sturdiness, safety, and modern design is what Rhode Gear promises to offer its customers at prices that are pocket friendly!


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