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Ever wished to participate in the desert safari and enjoy the “sandy” experience? The big jeeps with powerful wheels and lavish exteriors give you a luxurious yet comfortable feel throughout the safari.

Are jeeps fun to ride? Of course, they are! The huge 4-wheeler best is as powerful as you can imagine, running through rugged mountains and sandy beaches without fear! And what better can it be to own a bike along with a jeep wrangler? The combination is surely one of the best!

For people owning a jeep wrangler and are avid bicyclists, you must have always wondered which bike rack for wrangler is the best. How can you transport your expensive bike on a jeep wrangler safe and sound?

We understand that with the spare-tire at the back, you cannot just use any bike rack for transporting your studs. But if you’re planning to get your hands on the best jeep bike rack, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 names that will surely prove their worth!

Price Features Bike Capacity Price
Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack Easy to install, Can hold up to 2 bikes simultaneously, Weighs around 9.6 lbs, Lightweight and sturdy, a Bigger platform that keeps the bike away from bumping into the vehicle, The wider platform keeps the bicycles propped, Highly affordable


2 https://www.amazon.in/dp/B00XLKVLYU?tag=cuelinkss8447-21
Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack Can manage 2 bikes at a time, Total load capacity of 70 lbs, The rack comes pre-assembled, Foldable carry arms safe parking space at the back when the rack is not in use, Rubber padding over the arms protect the bikes against damage, Rugged strap and clamp system for individual tying down of the bikes, Comes with a kit that makes it fit spare-tires of different sizes, Versatile and sturdy, The rack comes pre-assembled which makes the installation tool-free 2 https://www.amazon.in/dp/B000QJDFMK?tag=cuelinkss8447-21
Rhino-Rack Spare Wheel Bike Carrier Easy to install, Rubber straps for secure transportation of bikes, a Metal platform for easy accommodation, Lightweight and versatile, Can fit spare tires of different sizes, It can accommodate bikes of variable tire sizes and types, Bike holding capacity up to 2, Foldable carry arms, Affordable


2 https://www.amazon.com/Rhino-Rack-RBC025-Mount-Fit/dp/B0047PAD0G
SportsRack Pathway Spare Tire Rack Can hold up to 3 bikes, Load capacity up to 135 lbs, Strong and sturdy, Adjustable padded cradle makes it a perfect fit for different sized bike tires and frames, Versatile as it can fit spare-tires of different sizes, Additional stabilizer straps for minimizing sway while in transit, Reflectors for enhanced night visibility, Screws in place for added security and stability


3 https://www.amazon.com/SportRack-SR2813B-Pathway-Spare-Black/dp/B0781VQD3S
Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Spare Tire Bike Carrier Amazing built-in locking system, best amongst the lot, Modernly designed, Heavy-duty frame and performance, In-built locking system, Load capacity up to 165 lbs, Comes with an additional adaptor for women and children bikes 2 https://www.amazon.com/Thule-963PRO-Spare-Bike-Carrier/dp/B009NN6MN4


The Top 5 Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

As amazing as the jeep wrangler is itself, you need an equally powerful rack for bike transportation that compliments it well. Don’t know which one to buy? Let’s not waste any more time and jump to the best-selling jeep bike rack that is modernly designed and packed with perfect features that will make hauling no problem for you!

  1. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Spare Tire Bike Rack

Cheap, sturdy, and durable, Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike spare tire bike rack may not be ideally designed for jeep wrangler but can be used for the vehicle without a doubt!

As the name suggests, this bike rack is made to fit 2 bikes at a time. So, if you belong to a family of avid bikers, this rack might be what you would want to have! The Allen Sports Deluxe jeep bike rack can easily carry up to a weight of 70 lbs with the 15 inches arms extending out to make accommodation easy and comfortable.

Moreover, it consists of a wide base, thus you won’t have to worry about the bikes bumping into the spare-tire and damaging on the way. If your one of those whose most concerned about their vehicle aesthetics and beauty worry no more because this rack will preserve till the end.

What else makes the Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack one of the best? The lightweight frame! Yes, that is right! This jeep bike rack weighs only 9.6 lbs which makes it super easy to install.

Thanks to the lightweight design, you would neither need a pair of helping hands to fix it in place nor utilize much of your time. Unbox it and install it, it is that easy and quick!

Furthermore, it comes with a patented tie-down system that uses cradles to tightly hold it in place. This way, you’ll be sure that the bikes are safely secured at the back of your jeep while you enjoy driving through bumpy roads without worries.

Another amazing feature that makes Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack a hit is that it keeps the bike propped. How and why you ask? This is by keeping them at a distance from the jeep’s pipe so that when you’re burning fuel during the drive, the bikes remain protected from the heat and fumes coming out of the back.

The only downside to the rack is that because it sticks at the back, gripping to the spare-tire, it might hinder the driver’s visibility at the rear; otherwise with this one installed properly, your good to go!


  • Easy to install
  • Can hold up to 2 bikes simultaneously
  • Weighs around 9.6 lbs
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • A bigger platform that keeps the bike away from bumping into the vehicle
  • The wider platform keeps the bicycles propped
  • Highly affordable


  • May interfere with the visibility at the back


  1. Hollywood Racks SR1 Spare Tire Rack 2-Bike Spare Tire Mount Rack

Are you looking for a jeep bike rack that is truly a monster when it comes down to performance, stability, and load capacity? If money isn’t a problem for you then get your hands on this brilliant piece of equipment by Hollywood!

The Hollywood racks SR1 spare-tire mount rack is perfect for a 12 inches spare-tire jeep wrangler. And just to make it work with different sized spare-tires, spend additional bucks on the kit that makes installation super easy.

In case you plan for a quick safari trip or drive through rugged mountains, the kit will help you replace the old spare-tire with a different size while helping to fix the bike rack without a problem.

Furthermore, this bike rack is designed for carrying two bikes at a time, with each one’s weight not exceeding 35 lbs. sounds great, right? On the contrary, being able to carry such a huge amount of load, the rack itself weighs A LOT. That is right! It weighs around 21.6 lbs, which makes it pretty heavy to lift and install.

So, if you’re planning to buy the Hollywood rack SR1, you might just need extra help with the installation!

Want to hear something more interesting? Your favorite bike rack comes pre-assembled with a rugged strap and clamp system. What is it you ask? This is the system that uses clamps to secure the bikes individually. Thus, the biggest advantage it holds is that the bikes remain tightly in place, minimizing sway when you’re enjoying the drive.

Moreover, the pre-assembled design makes it easy to install, and yes, let’s not forget the foldable 14 inches arms that make it highly compact. When not in use, just push the carry arms up and you’ll save decent parking space at the back.

With the Hollywood rack SR1 bike rack for jeep wrangler, the safety of your bikes is no question! The carry arms to come padded with rubber, protecting your bicycles against damage. Moreover, the addition of extra straps promises the absolute safety of your expensive studs during haulage.

Hence, security, sturdiness, and versatility are what the Hollywood racks SR1 bike rack offers, making your bicycling trips comfortable, fun, and smooth!


  • Can manage 2 bikes at a time
  • The total load capacity of 70 lbs
  • The rack comes pre-assembled
  • Foldable carry arms safe parking space at the back when the rack is not in use
  • Rubber padding over the arms protect the bikes against damage
  • Rugged strap and clamp system for individual tying down of the bikes
  • Comes with a kit that makes it fit spare-tires of different sizes
  • Versatile and sturdy
  • The rack comes pre-assembled which makes the installation tool-free


  • Highly expensive
  • Heavier than other jeep wrangler bike racks
  • The extra weight makes it difficult to install without the help
  • The additional kit needs to be bought separately


  1. Rhino-Rack Spare Wheel Bike Carrier

Rhinos are powerful and so is this rack!

The Rhino rack spare wheel bike carrier proudly comes with a metal platform and nylon strap, promising to haul your bicycles with full safety and convenience. Moreover, the rack is designed to carry 2 bikes simultaneously, saving you ample time.

Additional, the rack is easy to install and requires no tools to do so! So, if your someone who doesn’t like wasting time on fixing equipment like these, the Rhino rack will surely make things easier for you. Furthermore, the rack is super lightweight which is why the company mentions a label highlighting not to use the rack for off-roading.

Of course, if you own a jeep wrangler you must have already experienced some “off-roading”, but with this rack installed at the back, you might need to be a bit careful with the paths your drive on!

As already mentioned, the Rhino jeep bike rack can accommodate 2 bikes at one time, but remember, the combined weight of the studs should not exceed 66 lbs or things can get a little messy. The weight restriction gives you an insight into what weight is manageable for the rack easily, keeping you and those in the safe from unthinkable consequences.

Although the rack is great for adult bikes if you own a mountain bike rack, sadly you’ll be able to carry only one at a time. Just make sure to consider the weight constriction when hauling your stuff to be safe!

As a jeep wrangler owner if you like equipment with “no fuss and mess”, go for the Rhino rack for jeeps. Why do we say so? This is because it weighs merely 12 lbs, comes with foldable arms, and most importantly, is quick to install. What else could you ask for?

Moreover, the nylon straps promise safe transportation of your bicycles. All you need to do is place the bikes on the metal platform and use the rubber straps to lock them in place. Sounds easy, right? Well, it surely is!

Oh, and yes, let’s not forget about the easy parking this one allows. When not in use, you can very conveniently fold the carry arms so that parking in narrow spaces becomes no issue!

Another amazing thing about the rack that we should mention here is that it is highly versatile! What do we mean by it? The Rhino bike wheel carrier can fit spare-tire of different sizes. Doesn’t matter you have an on-centered or off-centered tire at the back, installing it won’t be a problem. Moreover, it has been designed to fit bikes of various sizes and types, ranging from racer bikes to fat tires, smoothly and easily!

Isn’t it great? But wait, to top it off, the company offers a three years manufacturer warranty with it, which makes it fun to own. Talk about durability, sturdy design, and powerful performance, the Rhine bike rack gives you all!


  • Easy to install
  • Rubber straps for secure transportation of bikes
  • A metal platform for easy accommodation
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Can fit spare tires of different sizes
  • It can accommodate bikes of variable tire sizes and types
  • Bike holding capacity up to 2
  • Foldable carry arms
  • Affordable


  • Low load capacity up to 66 lbs only


  1. SportsRack Pathway Spare Tire Rack

Unlike other bike racks for jeep wrangler, the SportsRack pathway is heavy-duty when it comes to performance and design!

But why would you need a heavy-duty rack when lighter ones can do the same job? This is because this rack promises higher quality performance, more sturdiness, and extra safety for your bicycles.

If you own an expensive mountain bike, which professionals mostly do, you’ll search for a rack that is super sturdy with a genuine locking system so even in your absence; you’ll know the bike is in safe “hands”.

The SportsRack pathway weighs around 17.8 lbs and accommodates 3 bikes at one time, with the total weight not being more than 135 lbs. you heard it right! The rack offers great load capacity so that carrying heavier bikes becomes no problem for you.

Furthermore, unlike other racks, this one does not just sit on the spare-tire at the back of your jeep wrangler. Rather you need to run it through the tire and lock it in place using screws which are what adds to its sturdiness.

Are we forgetting to mention something here? Yes! How about having a rack with adjustable cradles? The SportsRack bike rack for jeep wrangler comes with adjustable padded cradles that can be moved around to accommodate bikes of different types of frames and sizes. Thus, from adult to lady’s bike, fixing one of your favorite in it doesn’t seem to be an issue now.

Moreover, the straps easily lock the bikes in place, making transportation safe and smooth. What else makes this rack a remarkable product is the addition of reflectors. The metal frame is perfectly finished off plus the reflector gives you clear visibility even at night. What a great addition for sure!

And yes, the additional stabilizer straps that the rack comes with minimizing the sway of the rack with the bikes fixed in it, guaranteeing safe and secure haulage that is smooth, quick, and easy.

The only thing that makes the rack lose points is the long installation process. As you need screws to fix it in place, the whole installation becomes difficult and super time consuming, not for the lazy heads of course!


  • Can hold up to 3 bikes
  • Load capacity up to 135 lbs
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Adjustable padded cradle makes it a perfect fit for different sized bike tires and frames
  • Versatile as it can fit spare-tires of different sizes
  • Additional stabilizer straps for minimizing sway while in transit
  • Reflectors for enhanced night visibility
  • Screws in place for added security and stability


  • Heavier in weight as compared to other jeep bike rack
  • A little expensive
  • Difficult to install
  • Does not fix every jeep model as suggested


  1. Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Spare Tire Bike Carrier

When talking about the best sports gear, how can we forget to mention the fabulous products offered by Thule? And once again, the label hasn’t shied away from surprising us with one of the finest jeep bike racks, the Thule 963Pro Spare Me bike carrier.

Well, if we say that this rack works best for jeep wranglers then we won’t be wrong because Thule has designed the 963Pro Spare Me, especially for a wrangler!

With a capacity of holding a load up to 165 lbs, the rack itself weighs 18 lbs which is pretty average for a heavy-duty rack like this. Additionally, if you’re talking about bike capacity, the 165 lbs load surely means the Thule rack can accommodate multiple bikes at a time, two to be specific.

Moreover, what makes owning this rack fun is that you don’t reach the “load” limit. How so? Because even if you plan to carry two bikes simultaneously, the total weight still won’t exceed 165 lbs, which is surely a plus point!

This way, you’ll know that at any point in time, even with the load on, the rack won’t break loose. But of course, reaching perfection surely requires great effort.

And here we are talking about the installation of the rack. You understood it right! Installing the Thule bike rack nothing less of a war that you need to win. It takes a lot of time and the right tools to fix the rack at the back of your jeep wrangler. To make sure everything is fixed right in place, read through the manual thoroughly and follow the directions for best results.

Moreover, let’s move to the adaptor that it comes along with. The handy adaptor gives lets you position women and children’s bikes in the rack pretty flawlessly and to ensure no bike moves from its place, the built-in lock system securely holds them down.

The Thule rack is modern and versatile offering great performance, which is why you shouldn’t miss out on it!


  • The amazing built-in locking system, best amongst the lot
  • Modernly designed
  • Heavy-duty frame and performance
  • In-built locking system
  • Load capacity up to 165 lbs
  • Comes with an additional adaptor that allows you to position women and children bikes


  • Some screw may loosen up after some time
  • Difficult to install

Things to Take into Consideration when Buying a Jeep Bike Rack

With a spare-tire at the back, choosing the right bike rack for a jeep wrangler isn’t easy. Moreover, you need to consider a few good facts before reaching a decision, or else you might just end with the wrong equipment.

Can’t understand what we are talking about?

Read on to know what things you should consider when buying a jeep bike rack so that you purchase only the “best”.

  1. Load Capacity

This matters the most, of course! How many bikes or how heavy your bikes are will influence your buying decision completely. For people who own mountain bikes or ones with fatter, bigger tires, you’ll surely want to look into a rack that has “more” load capacity.

On the contrary, if you wish to carry a single, small bike at the bike of your jeep wrangler, a rack with a decent bike weight limit with just work fine. The higher the weight limit is, the more versatile the rack will be!

  1. Built-in Security System

A built-in security system is what promises to keep your bikes safe. Ranging from simple straps to complicated locking cradles, the more expensive the rack is, the more secure the system will be.

Thus, if you are a professional cyclist with an expensive bike in possession, you’ll certainly want to invest in a jeep track with a promising locking system. Otherwise, something decent will do the trick for you.

  1. Compact

A jeep wrangler comes with a spare-tire at the back, which already takes a lot of parking space at the back. Thus, adding a rack at the rear will simply mean utilizing more space “there”.

So, what can be done?

Look for a rack with foldable arms of course! This way, when the rack is not in use, rather than uninstalling it completely, you can fold the arms up and have ample parking space at the back. Remember, compact design is the key!

  1. Ease of installation

Some jeep bike racks are easy to install while others are complicated. Why? this is because, the sturdier the design is, the harder it will be to install.

Hence, if you’re a lazy person with little to no technical knowledge, you should go for a jeep wrangler bike carrier that is an easy fit. Or else, if you’re hiring professionals for the work, go for a higher quality rack that fixes in place using screws.

  1. Bike Carrying Capacity

Planning a cycling trip any time soon with friends or maybe solo? However you plan it, the decision will influence your bike rack purchase.

If you want to carry more than one bike at a time, you need to look up racks offering accommodation for multiple bicycles at a time, or else, you can easily get your hands on a single-bike carrying rack of good quality and low price.

  1. Budget

Well, how can we forget to discuss money? We can’t simply ignore this aspect, because how much you’re willing to invest will somehow decide the “quality” of the rack you choose.

The higher the price tag, the better the quality will be. But fortunately, a few labels are offering good quality bike racks is super affordable prices. So, before you head out to buy a rack for your jeep wrangler, know how much you’re willing to spend on it.

  1. The material of the Rack

Are you looking for a bike rack for a jeep wrangler that lasts longer? Then choose a product made from the “right” material. Remember, heavy-duty materials like steel and aluminum offer greater durability as compared to others.

Moreover, these materials are weather and corrosion resistant which is what adds to their life. Hence, for longer life performance, opt for a rack made from high-quality material, always!

Types of Bike Rack for Jeep Wrangler

Like other vehicles, the bike racks for a jeep wrangler can be broadly categorized into three categories:

  • Hitch-mounted bike rack
  • Roof-mounted bike rack
  • Spare-tire bike rack

If you have no ideas how these make a perfect fit for your jeep, read on for more information.

  1. Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

A hitch-mounted bike rack makes a great choice for your jeep, irrespective of a soft or hardtop. It easily slides into the hitch, comfortably sitting at the back of your jeep.

The best part about a hitch bike rack is that it is placed at a distance from the car. That is right! you do not have to worry about the paint chipping off because the rack sits at a decent distance from your jeep while comfortably accommodating bikes, keeping them safe from damage too.

Although these types of racks are sturdy, durable, and can carry multiple bikes at a time without a problem, the problem that it creates is limiting the reach at the rear of the jeep. Once you install it, you won’t be able to reach the trunk, thus making it difficult to carry extra cargo.


  • Easy to install
  • Can accommodate multiple bikes
  • Does not damage the car or bike while installing or in transit


  • Limits the access to the trunk
  • May hinder the visibility at the rear
  • Prevents towing


  1. Roof-mounted Bike Rack

Next up is the roof-mounted bike rack. Quick to install and easy to maintain, like a hitch-mounted bike rack, the roof-mounted racks can too accommodate more than one bike at a time.

And if you’re talking about ones with higher load capacity, then you can use this type of rack to haul other bigger items including boats and kayaks, without a hassle. Moreover, this rack gives you complete access to the rear of your vehicle and can e uninstalled pretty easily.

The only problem with this rack is that it disturbs the air space plus you need to lift your bicycle high up to position it in the rack. Otherwise, a roof-mounted bike rack for jeep wrangler comes with a powerful locking system and promises easy haulage of your expensive sports gear, every time!


  • Quick to install and easy to maintain
  • Versatile as can be used to haul other items as well
  • Can easily carry multiple bikes
  • Gives full access to the rear
  • Does not limit the rearview


  • Lifting bikes up high can become difficult
  • May create a parking problem in areas with low air space
  • To ensure secure installation, you need crossbars to fix it in place
  • Not ideal for soft top jeeps


  1. Spare-tire Mounted Bike Rack

Last but not the least; let’s talk about the spare-tire mounted bike rack, a rack ideal for your jeep wrangler.

Most of these racks are designed to fit spare-tires of different sizes, using them as the “fixation” point so you do not need to remove them. Moreover, like the other bike rack types, this one too is ideal to carry more than a single bike.

It is easy to install, keeps the bikes and vehicle safe from damage while in transit, and is one of the securest ways to transport bikes.


  • It allows towing of trailers
  • Easy to install
  • Protects the vehicle and bike against damage


  • Limits the rearview
  • It may also cover your license plate partially

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand how important it is to research before buying something as special and expensive as a bike rack. Moreover, your mind will be filled with hundreds of questions regarding a similar product, thus, we are here to answer most of them so you can buy a bike rack for a jeep wrangler without any worries.

  1. Can you put a bike rack on a jeep wrangler?

Yes, why not? Our list above consists of bike racks that are specially designed for jeep wranglers. And if you’re looking for a different bike rack, you always have the option to choose from either a roof-mounted bike rack or hitch-mount bike rack, where both work equally well for a jeep.

  1. What bike rack is most compatible with a jeep wrangler?

This depends on your choice. There are a variety of labels offering bike racks design, especially for jeeps. Thus, for what use do you want it for will decide the compatibility and hence, influence your decision.

  1. How to put a bike rack on a jeep?

Which type of rack you choose will decide how you install it. for a hitch-mounted bike rack, you need to use a hitch to slide it in place while for a roof-mounted one, you require crossbars to fix it.

On the other hand, a spare-tire bike rack easily attaches to the spare-tire at the back of the jeep. Hence, which bike rack you choose will decide the ease of installation. and yes, do not forget to read through the manual for convenient fixation of the rack.

  1. Which bike rack is best for a jeep?

If you plan on hauling heavier bikes and that too more than one at a time, spare-tire bike racks work the best. But make sure, whichever bike rack you choose, either a roof-mounted or hitch-mounted bike rack, always check for the load capacity. The more capacity it has, the easier it will be for you to transport heavier bikes.

  1. Do I need locks for my bike and rack?

Most bike racks come with an in-built locking system which is pretty reliable. But in case you want extra security for your rack and bike, adding a few extra locks and straps is always a great option to avail.

The Last Verdict

Jeep wranglers are the best means of transport for people who live an adventurous life. Thus, it no shock that people who own jeep wranglers have bikes because for them, cycling is another fun-filled way of remaining healthy.

If you have a bicycle, you certainly need a bike rack to transport your studs, because simply towing it to your jeep isn’t safe. We have carefully gathered the best bike racks for jeep, that will are strong, durable, and versatile, and most importantly, transport your bicycles most safely. Which bike rack you choose, depends on various factors thus be wise in your decision!


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