Best Bike Rack for Garage

As much as biking is healthy and fun, taking care of your bike rack can be a problem. Whether it is a roof-top rack or hitch-mounted bike rack, once installed on your cars, it can make parking an issue for you. This is why people with less space in their homes often prefer having racks that are lightweight and smaller in size yet are absolute killer when it comes to accommodating their expensive gear safely.

If you’re a bike enthusiast who has a problem parking it in the garage, shuffle through the article to find your favorite piece of garage bike rack that will solve your bike accommodation problem in a jiffy. But before you reach a decision, it is crucial to understand the different types of garage bike racks available in the market. It can easily be categorized as:

  • Freestanding Racks
  • Wall-mounted Racks
  • Ceiling-Hoist Racks

Let’s discuss each one by one, covering the best racks under each category so all you get to do is choose the one you like the most, without wasting more time!

Products Type Features Price
BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand Freestanding Lightweight and compact, Comes preassembled, Strong steel body with powder coating, Holds the bikes by the tires for contactless storage
Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand Freestanding Compact and foldable, pre-assembled, Strong metal body, Holds the bikes by the tires, Lightweight and portable, Available in three different colors
Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand Freestanding Small in size and handy, Compact and easy to carry, Can mount two bikes at a time, comes with complete accessories for installation, Affordably priced
Swagman PARK 3 Bike Storage Rack Freestanding Heavy-duty steel tube, Easy to install, Lightweight and simple, Can hold up to 3 bikes at a time
Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack Freestanding Anodized aluminum body with heavy-duty steel arms, arms are adjustable, Can hold two bikes at a time weighing under 80 pounds, Rubber padded carry arms, Using an expansion kit by Feedback Sports, the rack can easily be converted in four bikes holding configuration
Racor Pro PLB-4R Freestanding Bike Rack Freestanding Strong tubular steel frame, Up to 4 bike holding capacity, Durable and affordable, Easy to assemble, Lightweight and portable
Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack Wall-mounted Simple and compact, Wall mounting saves space on the floor, Affordable, Strong and durable frame, Compatible with most bike types, ideal for small spaces
Delta Cycle Michelangelo Wall-mounted Simple design and installation Can hold up to two bikes, The box comes with all necessary accessories for assembly, No complicated wall mounting, Rubber covered carry arms, The rubber holder that connects the carry arms with the main frame gives leverage to mount different types of bikes
RAD Sports Bicycle Hoist for Garage Bike Storage Ceiling-hoist Strong metal body with thick ropes, Rubber arms to tightly grip the studs, a Locking system for guaranteed safety of the bikes, Easy lifting through the pulley system, versatile as can be used for mounting other things including chairs, benches etc, Easy to assemble and install


The Best Freestanding Bike Stands

Floor bike stands make an ideal choice for bike owners who are nil at welding and bolting. Unlike other bike racks for garage, the freestanding one needs to mount on the wall and take little space on the floor, giving you a clever way of storing a bike.

  1. BIKE HAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand

Bike stands should be simple, right? Coming back from a healthy activity that is full of fun and adventure can be equally tiring. And once home, you’d be exhausted and not willing to spend a few more extra minutes adjusting your bike on the rack before you could lay on your bed and cool of.

The BIKE HAND bicycle freestanding floor rack is simplicity at its best. No hanging, no balancing, no technical levers to work along with, or heavy lifting when it comes to this bike rack for garage. All you need to do is position your bike on the rack and the front tray will tilt to adjust the wheels accordingly.

The tray holds the wheels from three different points, allowing your studs to sit comfortably in an extremely stable rack. The rack is built with strong steel and finished off with a powder coating that gives it a professional look. This BIKEHAND’s floor type rack is designed with a wider base and rubber-coated feet which keeps both the rack and bike upright, protecting them against falling.

The YC-96 by BIKE HAND comes fully assembled and just needs to unboxing for use. It weighs around 5.82 lbs and uses only a bolt to be folded away. Because of its compact size and fabulous design, the rack is loved by bikers always on the go!

This rack can conveniently hold bicycles with wider tires including your mountain bikes. What more makes this model everyone’s favorite is that it holds the bikes from the tires, making no contact with the expensive body of your studs and avoiding unnecessary scratching and contact.

Hence, with this lightweight, compact, and portable bike rack, your bike storage ideas are given new life!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comes preassembled and needs welding or bolting
  • Strong steel body with powder coating
  • Wide rubber feet for added stability
  • Holds the bikes by the tires for contactless storage
  • Easy to use


  • Opposite to what has been advertised by BIKE HAND, you might need to put in a little effort to place your bike on the rack


  1. Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand

Offering top-notch quality with its fine design, the Feedback Sports RAKK Bicycle Storage Stand cannot be overlooked!

This pre-assembled equipment is made for people who hate wasting time on mounting their bikes on storage racks. The RAKK consists of a wheel slot that can easily manage to hold tires measuring from 20 millimeters to 2.4 inches wide. Yes, that is right, the spring-loaded arm of the rack gives you a fair chance at mounting your mountain bikes without any hassle!

The garage bike storage rack itself measures at 13.5” x 13.5”, making it a highly compact design to safely mount your bikes in. also, the 5.9 lbs of weight allows you to carry it with you, anywhere you want, and park your cycles with absolute safety! Furthermore, because the rack holds the bike from the tires, you won’t have to worry about damaging or scratching them in the process. And yes, the wonderful piece of modern equipment comes in three fabulous colors: black, white, and silver, providing you an opportunity to choose one that goes well with your house décor.

The RAKK bike storage rack is all about durability, strength, and modernity, all combined to give you compact gear that can not only hold your bikes safely but also be packed away in a bag to be stored away when not in use!


  • Compact and foldable
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Strong metal body that can accommodate mountain bikes too
  • Holds the bikes by the tires
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ideal for garages with minimum space
  • Available in three different colors: black, white and silver


  • May not be able to hold bikes with tires measuring less than 20 mm or more than 2.3 inches


  1. Racor PBS-2R Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand

Unlike the other two racks mentioned above, the Racor PBS-2R doesn’t come pre-assembled, which means you’ll have to put in a little effort to make it work. This product is designed to fit in two bikes simultaneously, whether facing each other or opposite to one another, whichever you like!

The PBS-2R bike rack for the garage is all about simplicity and great performance. It conveniently grips the bikes from the tires using its tubular steel arms, tightly securing it in place. This model is lightweight and compact, thus carrying it with you won’t be a problem. To make sure the rack supports bikes with larger/fat wheels, Racor has kept a distance of 2.5 inches between the holding arms.

Providing you with the best bike storage ideas, Racor PBS-2R is small, handy, and nearly perfect! Although the design of the rack is user-friendly, some customers are complaining about its installation. According to the company, the client should not tighten the screws of the rack until everything is aligned in place. But people somehow end up doing the opposite of it and then show their dissatisfaction with the product.

Furthermore, others have also raised an issue with the design of the rack. They have pointed out the slots to be too close to one another, which makes mounting two bikes together difficult at times, especially when it comes to accommodating bigger studs.

Even though the rack has faced some criticism, but people with a low budget find absolute satisfaction with this garage bike rack!


  • Small in size and handy
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Can mount two bikes at a time
  • It can easily be placed in a small corner of the garage without notice
  • The box consists of all the accessories that help in installing the rack
  • Affordably priced


  • Installing it might be harder than anticipated
  • May not be able to fit in two bikes of bigger size at the same time


  1. Swagman Park 3 Bike Storage Rack

Looking for a bike rack for the garage that is small in size yet can accommodate multiple bikes at one time pretty effortlessly? Well then, stop for a minute and consider the Swagman PARK 3 bike storage rack.

This bike rack is the simplest of the lot. It might not be a “fancy” sight to look at but surely does the work for you better than any other rack. The Swagman comes with no hangings; no straps or a fancy lock-in system yet promises to keep your bikes tightly, secured in place.

The Swagman gets as simple as it can with the installation of the rack. Unpack it, collect the pieces, arrange them together and tighten the bolts. Your heavy-duty steel rack now proudly stands tall at 14 inches, weighing a good 8.5 pounds.

Although there is nothing fancy about this equipment but it works well. If you wish to accommodate multiple bikes, just join the brackets together to form a bigger rack. If you’re not interested in spending much on something complicated, then this rack is the perfect equipment for you that promises to keep your bike safe, clean, and out of the way!

People who have already been using the rack have surely talked nothing but good about it, but there are a few people who had problems using it. Some have registered to say that for bikes with disc brakes, this rack isn’t right. Also, because the rack itself is lightweight slides sideways when placing the bike which can be annoying at times. Moreover, a few clients even complaint about the weak steel frame which is not strong enough to hold heavy bikes.

Every gadget/equipment has its pros and cons, but at a price this low, the Swagman bike rack is a great pick!


  • Heavy-duty steel tube
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and simple
  • Can hold up to 3 bikes at a time


  • It May not be a good choice for bikes with disc brakes
  • The tubular frame may not support heavier bikes
  • The lightweight body slides it sideways when mounting a bike


  1. Feedback Sports Velo Cache 2 Bike Storage Rack

The Velco Cache is a freestanding rack that is almost 84 inches tall, designed with a glistening surface to attract you towards it! The rack is simple yet cleverly designed, holding up to 2 bikes at a time easily!

The tripod-style rack needs no mounting on the wall and can proudly standstill with great strength too, performing its duty like a pro! Although, the rack stays stable under heavy weigh bikes, but remember, to ensure the rack remains useful for longer, do not put bikes on it that weigh more than 80 pounds.

Furthermore, the Velco cache is made of anodized aluminum with heavy-duty steel cradle arms, measuring at a good 10 inches, holding your bikes tightly. Moreover, the carry arms are adjustable, accommodating bikes of various sizes and types. And to ensure that the arms remain as good as new for longer, these come fully covered in rubber padding which acts as a cushion between the bikes and rack, keeping both the gear safe from damages.

Want to know something even better about this fabulous piece of equipment? It can be extended to a four-bike configuration by using the Expansion Kit sold by Feedback Sports. The kit included two more carry arms that can easily be fit into the Velco Cache without any tools why spend on an expensive four-bike holding rack when you can extend this one at a fairly lesser price?

Although, some might find the rack a good device to be used for repairing bikes it is not! Remember, if you put too much weight on the rack, not only will it lose balance and the bikes will fall down but also break under need the weight which it cannot manage. Mind it, the rack is only for the storage of bikes and not otherwise!

Feedback Sports has proudly introduced the rack in two great colors: black and silver. The strong, solid steel body with the crazy-glistening design makes it a super attractive gear. With Velco Cache, you need to mounting or larger space! Simply unbox it and put it away in a corner to be used for griping your bikes safely, before you head out for another round of adventure!


  • Anodized aluminum body with heavy-duty steel arms
  • The carry arms are adjustable
  • No tools required for mounting
  • Can hold two bikes at a time weighing under 80 pounds
  • Simple yet modern design with polished surface
  • Rubber padded carry arms for damage-free storage of your studs
  • Using an expansion kit by Feedback Sports, the rack can easily be converted into four bike holding configuration


  • Not made for any other use apart from bike storage only
  • The expansion kit is expensive
  • With the kit, you’ll have to lift bikes for mounting them in the rack


  1. Racor Pro PLB-4R Freestanding Bike Rack

If you’re talking about durability, strength, and powerful performance then the Racor Pro PLB-4R bike rack cannot be overlooked at any cost!

The rack measures 80 inches high with a round base that is 28 inches wide. This freestanding rack can manage to hold up to 4 bikes simultaneously, the combined weight of which does not exceed 160 lbs. If you’re thinking about how this small rack does manage to accommodate so many bikes together then the answer lies in its sturdy design.

The frame of the bike rack is made from tubular steel with a wide base which ensures. The rack remains steady even under maximum weight. Even though the manufacturers have succeeded in putting together a rack that is durable and powerful, yet it can take quite some effort to install this seemingly simple piece of equipment.

When it comes to the installation of the Pro PLB-4R, you need to be a little creative. Because every type of bike comes with different sized frames, you’ll need to adjust the vinyl-coated cradle arms accordingly. How? For example, if you’re planning to fix in a lady’s bike, you’ll have to re-adjust the arms because a woman’s bike needs to be held from the wheels, and cannot be gripped from the top of the frame. The best part it, adjusting the arms isn’t much of a task, hence, making the rack compatible with most two-wheelers. But when it comes down to mounting your bikes, make sure you do so in the right order! Place the heaviest at the bottom and lighter ones at the top so that you can take them out according to your needs without moving the others every time!

Before your place, your order on Amazon, be careful to read the reviews and search for the right product as the PRO PLB comes in 2 bikes holding capacity and 4 bikes holding capacity. Both the frames are sturdy and strong but unlike the PLB-4R, the two-bike version can be mounted in the wall without a problem.


  • Strong tubular steel frame
  • Up to 4 bike holding capacity
  • Durable and affordable
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Plenty of distance between two bikes when mounted together, reducing the risk of damages


  • Not very sturdy as compared to other garage bike racks


The Best Wall-Mounted Bike Rack for Garage

As the names suggest, a wall-mounted bike rack is installed on the wall, tightened in place with nuts and bolts. To ensure the sturdiness of the gear, the steel frame is supported by steel nuts and bolts, with keep the rack fixed in place. The carry arms of a wall-mounted bike rack are created at a fair distance so that your bikes when parked inside remain free from scratches and scrapes.

  1. Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack

Do you have a free hallway or garage? Even with the free space available, if you find it difficult to park your bike then you surely need a wall-mounted bike rack by Delta to help deal with the problem!

As artistic as its name, the Leonardo Da Vinci bike rack is a simple piece of equipment that is designed to fit your needs for bike accommodation. Although, the design of the rack isn’t complicated as the name is, installing it can be one heck of a task!

You need proper tools including a screwdriver, power drill, and stud finder to mount perfectly. But before you start, you first need to find a wall stud to place it correctly. Once you’re done locating it, lift your cycle and place the front tire up, making sure both the tires are touching the wall and place your marks. Measuring a 12 inches distance upward from the front tire, drill the pilot hole. Next, lay out a straight line and drill the second hole 49.2 inches below the first one.

Now, all you need to do is assemble your rack and screw it in place. But before you mount your bike on it, make sure the bolts have been tightened correctly, or else, one loose bolt can bring to all down!

Leonardo Da Vinci’s bike rack can easily manage a total weight of 40 lbs, with rubber-coated hooks that adjust to accommodate bikes of various types and sizes. One wonderful addition to the rack done by Delta is the use of adhesive tape at the pack of the frame this way when you go on to remove the rack in the future somewhere, it won’t leave any ugly marks on the wall.

And because the manufacturers take your mounting problem seriously, Delta suggests using a mounting rack of 25 inches apart for bikes that need to hang from the front tires and a mount of 18 inches if you plan to place the cycles alternatively.

The Delta’s Leonardo Da Vinci single bike rack shouts loud of simplicity, durability, and powerful accommodation of your bikes, without taking much space in your garage. So, even if you have a tiny corner free for installation, go ahead with this bike rack and solve your bike parking issues forever!


  • Simple and compact
  • Wall mounting saves space on the floor
  • Affordable
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Compatible with most bike types
  • Ideal for small spaces


  • Difficult to install. You need the right tools to fix it in place
  • Cannot be mounted with a wall stud


  1. Delta Cycle Michelangelo 

Delta seems to gain its inspiration from the reputed artists of the past, right? It surely does look like it!

The next place on the list proudly has been taken up by Delta Cycle’s Michelangelo, a bike rack for the garage that will resolve all your storage issues!

This bike rack takes up little space in your home, utilizing the empty corner in the best of way. The clever design of the rack uses the law of gravity to hold your bikes tightly in place, promising secure mounting no matter which type of stud you own. The Michelangelo is highly stable and uses to bolts or nuts to be mounted in the wall. Sound crazy, right?

But this is where the fun lies! This bike rack pushes backward, against the wall when you place your bike in it. Moreover, to ensure every piece falls in place, Delta provides nylon straps along with the rack that can easily be screwed to a wall stud for guaranteed security.

Delta’s Michelangelo does need some effort when it comes to installation. Although the parts all slide in easily, you do need a few tools to tighten the bolts at each end. Everything you need to twist the arms with and screw the M5 bolts with is inside the box so yes; you’re saved from the pain of buying new ones to assemble it. a little twist here and there and your stand is all set to be used!

This bike rack stands 83 inches tall and can accommodate two bicycles at a time, with the weight not being more than 80 lbs. this equipment is a treat for the eyes! Cleverly designed with a modern touch and silver-coated finish for added shine, the sparkle will surely make you fall for it.

Furthermore, if you observe the rack closely, you’ll that the carry arms aren’t directly attached to the mainframe. Yes, that is right! The frame has a rubber attached to it which then extends out to hold the carry arms. Now you might be thinking how will the rack then be able to hold the bikes without falling over? Well, the matter of fact is, the inclusion of a rubber holder gives you more leverage at mounting different types of bikes, griping them by the frame, and evenly distributing the weight throughout the frame. Even the ends of the carry arms are covered with rubber, which happily keeps your bikes safe from scrapes.

One problem that you could face with the rack in the future is the rubber covered arms. Unlike nylon or other materials, rubber isn’t very trustable when it comes to durability and worn out much quicker. If something similar happens with you too, it is better to either change the rubber or the rack itself or simply use an additional supporting system to mount your bikes on it.

Delta’s Michelangelo is a space-saving rack with some wonderful features. It requires no complicated installation, although assembly can take some effort and time. And once standing tall already, the rack genuinely fulfills the requirement of bike storage in the best way possible!

We like the space-saving qualities of this rack. You really couldn’t neatly and practically store bicycles in a much smaller space – the bikes are parallel to the wall and only a little more than a foot away from it. You can place the holding hooks at any height you like, making it easy to accommodate different sizes of bikes. And if your preference for bikes should change, and everyone needs a change occasionally, you can simply raise or lower the arms to suit.


  • Simple design and installation
  • Can hold up to two bikes with a combined weight not exceeding 80 lbs
  • Takes up less space
  • The box comes with all necessary accessories for assembly
  • No complicated wall mounting process as it easily pushes back towards the wall when you position the bikes in it
  • Rubber covered carry arms that keep the bikes safe from blemishes
  • The rubber holder that connects the carry arms with the mainframe gives leverage to mount different types of bikes


  • The rubber can wear out
  • The front-wheel has been reposted to turn against the wall after being locked in, which can leave ugly tire marks on the wall.

The Best Ceiling-Hoist Bike Rack for Garage

Amongst the three types of garage bike racks, the ceiling-hoist rack sounds more “fancier’ in design. The rack consists of a rail that mounts to the ceiling embedded with a pulley system that then allows you to lift the bikes smoothly and effortlessly. For smaller houses and people with storage issues, there is nothing better than a ceiling-hoist bike rack!

  1. RAD Sports Bicycle Hoist for Garage Bike Storage

Don’t have a free corner in the house? No space in your tine garage to place a rack for bike storage? Because RAD understands how necessary it is to store your bikes safely, the manufacture has come up with super clever equipment that silently mounts on the roof and lifts the bikes, saving space on the ground.

This rack comes with a two-piece pulley system that directly and very conveniently mounts to the ceiling using ceiling joists. The ceiling hoist rack supports bikes with its pulley system and can manage to accommodate bikes that weigh up to 100 lbs with rubber hooks that promise to grip the studs tightly without any harm.

Once you have successfully mounted the rack, next pull down the ropes using the pulley system and watch the bikes lift in amazement. When the studs reach the top, a locking mechanism grips them tightly and locks them in place without the fear of falling loose. Then secure the rope to the wall-mounted anchor and Voila! You can now see your bikes being safely stored away. Moreover, when you want to bring the bicycles down, just unlock the brake mechanism and lower them to the ground.

And the best part about the RAD ceiling-hoist bike rack is that it can be used for other purposes as well. It can easily store ladders, chairs, benches, etc. high up in the air and out of sight, a versatile bike rack indeed!

Because racks that follow under this category need to be sturdy and strong, RAD proudly records to have created this particular rack using high-quality metal frames and thicker ropes. From the mainframe to the pulleys, each part of the rack has been carefully planned out, giving you storage equipment that is durable, powerful, and can be trusted with your expensive studs!

The only downside of the rack is that it uses screws instead of fasteners at the pulleys, which makes it a little less safe for lifting. Furthermore, the manufacture suggests this rack be best mounted at ceilings that are around 12 feet high. This is because then you need to make sure you have enough headspace to move around, not always bumping in the bikes which can be quite painful!

The RAD Sports Bicycle hoist bike rack is all about versatility, durability, and powerful lifting, storing your bikes safely out of sight!


  • Strong metal body with thick ropes
  • Rubber arms to tightly grip the studs
  • Locking system for guaranteed safety of the bikes
  • Easy lifting through the pulley system
  • Durable and powerful performance
  • Ideal for a ceiling that is about 12 feet high
  • Gives you ample free space on the ground
  • Stores the bikes away from the sight and that too securely
  • Versatile as can be used for mounting other things including chairs, benches, etc.
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Uses ceiling joists for mounting


  • Uses screws instead of fasteners at the pulley which makes loading risky


  1. RAD Cycle Products Rail Mount Bike Hoist

With dimensions, 30 x 8 x 8 inches, the RAD cycle rail mount bike hoist is another spectacular product that’ll solve your bike storage issues sensibly!

This rack can be used in any way you want; the versatility it offers during mounting is what makes it one of the most loveable products. You can either mount it parallel or horizontal to the ceiling joists using rails, offering flexibility in performance and usage.

If you have a high ceiling, only then using a ceiling-hoist rack by RAD sports for storing bikes makes a feasible option. It uses a powerful locking system to tightly secure the bikes in places, gripping the studs using rubber-covered carry arms. The rubber at the end of the hooks makes loading and unloading super easy, eliminating the risk of sparing the bike in the process.

When assembling the rack, you need a few tools to tighten the bolts so that the rack is put together steadily. Although, overall the rack has successfully taken its place in the list of the top 10 garage bikes racks users have been seen making a few complaints regarding their purchase. Some say they have broken the heads during installation, thus the quality needs to be improved.

The RAD Sports rail mount bike rack can easily manage a weight of 75 lbs, is inexpensive and offers a simple design. At a price like this, the product is worth buying!


  • Inexpensive and simple design
  • In-built locking system
  • Can manage bike weight up 75 lbs
  • The rack can be mounted either vertically or horizontally using ceiling joists
  • Rubber covered carry arms


  • The heads may break or strip during assembly/installation

Buying Guide: Guiding your way to buying the best bike rack for garage

When you have hundreds of products available in the same category, a person with no previous buying experience tends to get confused and upset. A million questions cross your mind, forcing you to do research a little before heading out to buy a bike rack. But even then, not everything on the internet will guide you towards the right “thing”.

Irrespective of what you think or what the internet has to offer, here is a buying guide that promises to make your bike rack experience as smooth as silk. Let’s first start by understanding the different types of finish-coating on the rack and which one to choose.

  • Powder coat

The powder coating comes in different colors. It helps protect the rack against changing weather conditions without compromising on the quality of its performance. Whether it is raining or extremely hot, the coating will keep the rack frame from giving up against the changing weather conditions, promising long-lasting performance!

  • Zinc Coat

This inexpensive coating, as known as galvanized coating gives your rack a dull out-look yet protects it against changing weather, so you do not end up investing in a rack that lasts only a few months!

  • Cast-off Plastic Coat

The cast-off plastic coat is mostly made from recycled plastic, making it an environmental-friendly option. The plastic protects both your gear and rack from blemishes and sparing, but can wear out pretty quickly as compared to other rack coatings.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a tough material that can withstand the harshest of conditions without bending. Bike racks made from stainless steel tend to perform for much longer and are stronger with a glistening exterior that looks good to the eyes.

Why Have a Garage Bike Storage?

Unlike in the past, people today are more aware of their health, focusing more on their fitness by adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is one of the biggest reasons that today you get to see more and more people cycling around the streets either alone or in groups. This isn’t just because they have money to spend on such things but rather which to stay active by taking up a workout routine that is fun and refreshing.

As much as cycling is fun, storing it safely in one place is a problem for many, especially for people living in small spaces. You might have many innovative bike storage ideas in the mind, but unlike a garage bike rack, no other equipment can accommodate your studs safely. If you still haven’t bought a garage rack for bike storage, here is to why you should get one right away:

  • Less Space Required

Unlike other bike storage racks, the garage racks take less space. So even if you have a free small corner, a bike rack will silently and conveniently sit there, storing your bikes like a pro!

  • Bike Security

Bike racks offer safe parking for your bikes. When you come tired after a few good hours of cycling, you just tend to push your bicycle in a corner and go for a quick nap which can cause damage to your beloved, expensive stud. As for a bike rack, the most convenient store your bikes, requiring no effort and keep them safe from coming in the way of others and damaging in the process.

  • Offering More Variety

If you’re a family of bike enthusiasts, it is guaranteed that you’ll be owning a huge variety of studs, ranging from children’s bicycles to heavy mountain bikes. hence, finding a bike rack that is designed to accommodate every type of bike rack is pretty difficult. But, a garage bike rack does exactly that for you! these racks are designed to take less space and accommodate bikes of different sizes without a problem, making it a piece of great storage equipment for a family that enjoys planning biking trips.

  • Increased Bike Life

Storing your bikes out in the open to battle against the changing weather can decrease its life. To ensure your bikes can be used for longer, storing them inside using a garage bike rack is the best of ideas. Not only will you be keeping the studs safe from being picked up but also safe from the changing weather which leads to rusting and wasting of the metal frame.

What to look for in a “good” bike rack for the Garage?

One of the most important questions that cross the mind of a non-experienced bike shopper is which rack to bike? What features help differentiate between a good and an average bike rack for the garage? Here are some tips that will help you find the right thing and make up your mind quickly:

  1. Stability and Sturdiness

When looking for a bike rack, you want stable equipment, not toppling over because of a weak base every time you mount your bike on it especially if you own a mountain bike. Thus, when choosing a bike rack for the garage, irrespective of which time you’re looking for, opt for one that is a bit heavier and with a stronger frame. This way, no matter how many bikes you secure in it, the rack won’t bend under the weight.

  1. Loading and unloading

An efficient rack will make loading and unloading quick and easy for you. people who are of short height always find it difficult to load their bicycles onto the rack, this is because lifting their heavy studs seems higher than the shoulder length is one heck of a task.

Hence, when choosing a bike rack, go for one that is averagely tall and with no fancy locking systems, or else you’ll spend the initial days understanding the loading/unloading mechanism only.

  1. Bike holding capacity

Do you own a mountain bike? Or belong to a family of bike enthusiasts with a variety of studs at home? If so is the case. Look for a bike rack that is designed to accommodate a variety of bikes, including the management of heavier bikes with a problem. Do not go for a cheap rack with a low-quality frame if you’re willing to mount multiple bikes, or else the rack will break under the weight.

  1. Size

Most people do not own big homes with spacious garages or hallways. This is why, even if you have a small corner free inside the garage, opt for a rack that is compact, small in size, and super handy. No matter how attractive a bigger rack looks to you, installing one larger in a smaller space will only create storage problems for you. Thus, be wise in your decision!

  1. Affordable

Your affordability comes first! Think for a moment and decide how much you are willing to spend on a bike rack and only then, set out your foot to choose a rack according to your budget. There are a few good names in the sports industry selling quality racks that are pretty affordable prices today!

The Final Thoughts

Storing bikes in minimum space can be a problem if you do not have the right storage equipment. This is why, if you wish to make storage of your studs smooth and damage-free, a garage bike rack is the best possible answer to your problem!

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