Allen Sports Deluxe 2- Bike Trunk Mount Rack Review

A brand popularly known for its sports good, Allen has been satisfying its customers around the world with the name quality for more than 60 years.

This label has the best quality products in the market. From trunk bike racks to trailers and joggers, you name and Allen will give it to you! The most popular category that Allen is known for is its incredible bike trunk mount racks.

A stunning choice for people who love riding on bumpy trails and smooth planes, the Allen Sports Deluxe 2- bike trunk mount rack is a piece of marvelous equipment to own! Impressing with its compact size and sleek design, this rack offers sturdiness, durability, and lifetime performance at an amazingly low price! Sounds unbelievable?

Here is everything you would want to know about the newest addition to Allen’s rack collection.


Allen Sports Deluxe 2- bike trunk mount rack is ideal for cyclists who wish to transport their bikes safely. Reasonably priced, this rack offers highly satisfactory quality! With long arms and legs, it is designed to fit in bikes of different sizes, ranging from adult ones to kids bicycles.

Allen Sports deluxe 2 Bike trunk mount rack

And yes, the rack is compatible with most vehicles. Be it a sedan or a minivan, it perfectly fits the boot of the trunk, carrying your bicycle safely in style.

It is created to fit in two average-sized bikes at a time with a combined weight not exceeding 70 pounds. It means you can now enjoy some bike riding adventure with your partner or friend without having to carry the bicycles separately. Just place them in the bars, pull the strap tightly (but be careful not to use much force or else they can break), and drive away!

But, it is always advisable to re-check your equipment thoroughly before heading out to the destination, just to be a bit more careful.

What else makes Allen Sports deluxe 2- bike trunk mount rack one of the best sellers is the easy installation of it. Unlike other racks, this one comes pre-assembled, so when it reaches you, all you need to do is unpack it and fix it to the car’s trunk.

Place the rack on the back of your trunk, clip in the top straps first. Once done, move down to the side and bottom straps, ensuring it is set well in place.

Follow the instructions on the manual that comes along, and within minutes, you’ll be all ready to take your bike down the road.

This newest version of Allen’s rack is way better than the last one. How? This one here comes with additional side straps. All the straps are longer than average in measurement, thus, you’ll be sure of tightly fixing the rack to the trunk, making it easier to transport bicycles without any worries.

The additional, longer straps add sturdiness and stability to the product, definitely something you’ll want in the rack you wish to own.

Also, the compact size allows you to de-install it in minutes and put it away in the back of the car. This finely designed rack is a great choice especially for people who occasionally make a trip down rugged planes for a bike ride.

The rack is known to carry two bikes at a time with a combined weight not exceeding 70 pounds. But this one goes only for adult bikes and kids bicycles. If you have a mountain bike that is much heavier in weight, this rack is a big NO!


From compact design to longer arms for secure installation, the Allen Sports deluxe 2- bike trunk mount rack offers it all!

Designed with uniqueness and style, this rack is light in weight and comes with an individual tie-down system. The tie-down straps are longer than the average, ensuring you can hook the rack tightly in place. Plus, the addition of the extra side straps gives the rack sturdiness and stability like no other.

If you’re amongst people who do not like to spend hours reading through the instruction manual and setting up their thing, this pre-assembled rack will surely make you fall in love with it. It comes bolted/welded together, thus at arrival, all you need to do is unpack the box, clear your trunk of any fancy badges and strap in the equipment. But before heading out with your bicycle in it, double-check the straps to confirm things are fixed well in place.

Next, the metal body comes padded with foam, to protect both your vehicle and bike from bumping into one another and cause unintentional scratching and abrading. Also, the straps are manufactured using nylon, which makes it more durable than the rubber and plastic ones.

Even if the rack is exposed to the sun for longer, it won’t cause many problems. But of course, to ensure it lasts longer, you need to be careful with too!

Although Allen’s bike rack is an amazing choice in terms of quality, compatibility, and stability at a price like this, the compact size can worry people who feel safer with bigger racks.

Pros of Allen Sports Deluxe 2- Bike Trunk Mount Rack

This one may not be fancy and bigger, but serves the purpose of carrying your bikes uphill without a problem. Here are some great things about this product that’ll tempt you into buying it right away:

  1. Priced low so that even individuals with a tight budget can enjoy the purchase
  2. It can carry two bikes at a time
  3. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles including sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, and minivans
  4. Manufactured from high-quality material
  5. The compact design allows you to de-install it quickly and put it away in the smallest of spaces like the back of the trunk with a problem
  6. Comes with longer arms and legs for sturdier fixation
  7. Additional side straps make the rack more stable than an average one
  8. Nylon straps are much more durable than rubber or plastic ones
  9. The metal body of the rack comes padded with foam for scratch-free transportation of your bike
  10. Light in weight and easy to install
  11. Can carry the load of a wide range of cycle, including both adult and kids with the straps breaking lose
  12. The rack comes with Allen lifetime warranty for a hassle-free use

Cons of Allen Sports Deluxe 2- Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Even though the rack is pretty much perfectly designed for your use, but sadly, there a few minor flaws that cannot be overlooked:

  1. The frame has no lock to secure it tightly to the vehicle other than the straps
  2. No patent tie-down system to securely fix the bicycles in place
  3. The smaller frame makes it difficult to fit in two bikes of bigger bodies together
  4. Not ideal for mount bikes
  5. The compact size can ruin your car’s paint job if not installed with care

Quick Facts about the Allen Sports Deluxe 2- Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Everything about this product is simply wonderful! But here are quick facts that you might want to know before heading out to buy it:

  1. The bike rack may be smaller in size, which does question its stability but is great for both long and short trips. Even if you have to drive through a rugged trail, the rack won’t budge, keeping your bicycle fixed securely in place for the adventure ahead!
  2. It is not designed for motorcycles, unicycles, or tricycles. This rack is ideal to carry bikes with two wheels, pedals, and horizontal handlebars. If you want to carry a lady’s bike in it, you might have to buy an extra adaptor bar to secure it in place.
  3. The compact design allows you to open the trunk of the car without having to remove the rack completely. All you need to do is, unhook the clips, open the trunk and then clip the straps right in.

The Last Verdict

Allen Sports is a trustable name in the industry. When it comes down to buying sports goods from this label, one can close their eyes and trust them with quality that too at a reasonable price.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2- bike trunk mount rack is all about quality and affordability. It is perfectly designed for people who go for an occasional bike ride and wish to find a solution to safely transport their bicycles.

It is easy to install, manufactured from high-grade metal, and completely padded with foam, offering safety and security from damage to both your vehicle and bike.

This rack provides sturdiness and stability along with a lifetime Allen’s warranty, so you get to use it for years without any worries. Although there are better options than this one available in the market, people with a lower budget, finding such great quality in a pocket-friendly price won’t be easy. No matter long or short trips, this baby will serve its purpose without you having to spend a fortune on fancy equipment!

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