The Best Yakima Trunk Bike Rack

Yakima Fullback 2 trunk bike rack is “THE” gadget of 2020 that should be owned by every bike lover. Transporting a bike was never this easy before! This Yakima trunk bike rack is easy on the pocket, quick to install, and designed to fit your “biking” needs.

It comes with no traditional straps that damage the vehicle or installation problem to deal with because this rack has been designed for your convenience! Still don’t know what we are talking about? Here is all you need to know about the Yakima Trunk Rack :

What makes Yakima Fullback 2 Bike carrier Better than the Rest?

Is it the price? Is it the convenience of installation? Or the latest design that makes Yakima’s rack the best amongst all?

Well, not just one, but it has all the features included in a package that proves it to be the finest rack in town. A few advantages of Yakima Fullback 2 trunk bike rack are as below:

  1. Easy Installation

You wouldn’t want to waste hours in installing something as simple as a bike rack. The Yakima trunk bike rack comes pre-assembled, bolted/welded together so that you do not need to put in more effort to set it up.

All you need to do is, unbox it, read through the instruction manual, and strap it away. A five-minute set-up process with no tool kits included!

  1. Durability Promised

When purchasing a gadget, what does one look for? Durability, of course! You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that’ll be used once or twice and then becomes outdated or worthless.

But when it comes to Yakima’s bike rack, this thing is one time investment that is sure to last for a lifetime! This frame here is manufactured from high-quality metal and the straps are made from unconventional material, which promises durability and stability of the rack.

It is a one-time purchase that you surely won’t regret!

  1. Affordability and Quality

Are you short on money or simply looking for a rack that is affordable? Well, equipment such as bike racks isn’t “cheap” to buy. If you’re looking for a quality product, you might end up spending all your savings and still not be happy with what you own.

But, with Yakima Fullback 2 trunk bike rack , you’ll be delighted with the quality and price. This rack is super affordable and offers great quality. The creators have successfully designed a rack for you that can beat the performance of high-end rack but is priced less so people with a minimum budget can happily own it!

  1. Creative Design

Let’s admit it! When it comes down to installing something on your car, you always look up for something that is attractive and looks nice! You of course wouldn’t want to ruin the beauty of your vehicle with a piece of equipment that is ugly!

With Yakima’s bike rack, this surely isn’t the case. The rack is sleekly designed to look attractive to the eyes, sitting beautifully on the boot of your trunk while serving its purpose.

  1. Safety Comes First

The purpose behind purchasing a rack so securely carries your bike to the required destination. One wouldn’t want to lose an expensive bike on track because of a cheaply manufactured rack that breaks off loose.

Yakima’s bike trunk rack 2020 guarantees safety! The sturdy frame with quality straps secures your bike tightly in place, while you drive down rugged tracks without letting it lose. The rack can stand strong through bumpy rides, carrying your bike safely to the destination as promised!

  1. Additional Accessories

A little something extra with your purchase surely make anyone jump up with joy! Well, the bike rack here comes with an integrated bottle opener. So when en route to your destination, you can stop for a quick drink, refuel your body, and paddle away!

  1. Compatible with Most Cars

Doesn’t matter whether you own a Sedan or the newest Honda Accord, the Yakima’s bike carrier is compatible with most cars. It can easily fit on the trunk of most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs.

Features that make Yakima Trunk Bike Rack A Worthy Purchase

If you’re still confused about the product, the list here will discuss some of the amazing features of Yakima FullBack 2 Bike Carrier’s so you are left with no questions in mind:

  • Bomber External Frame

A sturdy frame is what makes a bike rack super attractive! The Yakima Fullback 2 bike carrier is made from top-notch quality metal and completely padded so that your vehicle remains safe from scratches. Not only does the strong body promise durability and sturdiness, but the protective padding over the rack keeps your car and bike safe from damage.

  • Advanced ZipStrip Cradles

What if we tell you that this bike rack is just not easy to install but can be de-installed with the same convenience? Sounds too good to be true? The Yakima bike rack right here comes with an advanced zip strip cradle system, which helps you in quick installation and de-installation.

The zip strips are easy to remove when the rack is not in use. And when you position the bike on the rack, these straps can be pulled too tightly secure two-wheeled vehicle in place without breaking loose.

  • Interlocking HUB and Number Dial

The rack comes pre-assembled, thus is easy to install. And the addition of interlocking HUB adds to the convenience of setting it up. This feature keeps the key point properly aligned so you have no difficulty it resting the rack at the boot of your car trunk.

  • Compact

As mentioned earlier, the Yakima Fullback 2 bike carrier is super easy to de-install too! When not in use, all you need to do is clip it off, fold the arms and store it away!

  • Attractive Design

The black glossy coat on the metal frame of the rack makes it a bigger charmer! It shines bright when you drive in bright daylight, making it aesthetically more appealing. The rack not only will serve the purpose of carrying your bike safely to the destination but add to the beauty of your vehicle too.

  • SKS Locking Package

This feature here is something you won’t in other racks out in the market. Yakima’s bike carrier comes with an SKS locking package, an anti-theft feature that keeps the thieves away!

  • Three Bike Carrier

Not one, not two but THREE! Yes, this rack can conveniently carry three bikes at one time. Hence, if you love tagging friends or family along with you for biking then this rack is the perfect choice for you!

Disadvantages of Yakima FullBack 2 Bike Carrier

Nothing is perfect! Even something as great as the Yakima bike trunk rack, it does come with its set of a few minor flaws.

  1. Not Compatible with “Every” Car

Things change with time and so has the design of Yakima’s rack. In every sense of it, this is modern equipment designed for the latest cars with advanced features. Thus, if we say it might not work well with your “older” vehicle, we might be right!

This rack comes as a bit of disappointment for people owning older vehicles. Because the configuration of vehicles earlier was different than today, the installation of this modern rack can become a hassle for you!

  1. Installation for Longer Time not Advised

Yakima advises its customers to de-install their racks when not in use. Not just this modern of a bike rack, but every carrier on their list. Why? This is because the longer the rack remains attached to your car trunk un-used; it will cause damage to it. Thus, when not in use, the company suggests you de-install and fold the arms to store in a place where it is easy to reach out for next time.

3. Not Feasible for One Bike

Most carriers that are designed for two or more bikes can easily carry one bike alone. But unfortunately, this might not the case with Yakima’s Fullback 2 bike carrier. The straps of the bike are positioned in a way that if you’ll place in just one bike, it won’t secure it tightly in place. Hence, when driving towards your destination, you might end up losing your bike! So, if you are sure of transporting two or more bikes every time, only then this product will work great for you.

4. For Adult Bikes ONLY

This rack isn’t for kids’ bikes or even ladies’ bikes with smaller bars and handles. Like most other Yakima racks, this bike trunk carrier is feasible to transport adult bike ONLY! It is specifically designed for bikes that are bigger in size and heavier in weight.

Things to Consider When Buying a Yakima Trunk Bike Rack

Buying equipment especially one that needs to carry a heavy load and is attached to the car needs serious thoughts before the purchase. Work through the things that you want to see in the right bike rack and only then head out to buy one for yourself. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Number of Bike To be Transported

If you have no partners to take along and enjoy biking all alone, then a rack smaller in size that fits one bike is perfect for you! But, if you have friends who go along, carrying a single bike in every round isn’t a feasible thing to do. Thus, go for a bike rack that can fit in more than one bike at a time, has a great grip, and transports them safely.

  • Compatibility with Your Car

Before you opt for a rack, always know your vehicle! Most racks by Yakima are compatible with various cars, but not every car is the best fit for the trunk rack.

What if your car doesn’t have a hitch and you come back with a trunk rack? Where would you install it? To avoid spending on the wrong equipment, know your vehicle well. Or maybe buy a rack that is versatile enough to fit with every car!

  • Type of Bike to be Carried

This point should not be missed out when buying a rack. The decision of buying the type of rack completely falls on what type of bike do you need to transport. Most racks are designed to carry adult bikes, that too of average size and weight. You might find fewer racks that happily carry kid’s bicycles and ladies’ bikes.

Nonetheless, if you own a mountain bike, you’ll have to find a rack that is manufactured for the purpose because an average trunk rack doesn’t serve the purpose.

  • Frequency of Use

If you go for a bike ride once in a while, having a rack that is compact and easy to de-install is what will work for you. But if you are an avid biker who covers long distances in one go, racks with higher quality, durability, and sturdiness are what you should be looking for.

Price of Yakima Fullback 2 Trunk Bike Rack

Yakima is a company that promises quality at affordable rates. The prices of bike racks vary from one another, depending on the size, type and performance delivered. But remember, a higher price does not mean higher quality. You might buy the best one available in the market but if it doesn’t fulfill your needs, what the use of it then? Thus, when buying a rack, no matter cheap or expensive, look for things that satisfy you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does the Yakima FullBack 2 Bike Carrier come with a warranty?

Yes, this Yakima trunk bike rack comes with a warranty, not of one or two years, but a lifetime! Yakima offers a lifetime warranty on most of its products so that customers like you can enjoy using their goods for years to come by without any worries.

  1. Do I need to buy any additional accessories for added security?

Well, yes! If you want to ensure your bike is tightly strapped in place, the original clamps that come along might not fulfill the responsibility alone. You might need to buy extra straps or tube tops for maximum performance of the rack. Most sites are now selling these accessories at affordable prices, so spending a few dollars for added benefit won’t hurt.

  1. Can I get the parts replaced in case of damage?

Parts that are insured under the warranty card can be replaced without a problem. Even ones that are not mentioned in the terms and conditions can easily be replaced.


Yakima FullBack 2 bike carrier is great equipment for bike lovers. With this in your hands, you’ll be transporting your bikes safely and in style!


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