26 Inch Bike for What Size Person

Have you ever seen bigger people riding smaller bikes? Or seen kids trying to reach the pedal of their sibling’s cycle but end up falling off and hurting themselves? Is it hard to ride a bicycle? How can something so easy be so difficult?

Well, pedaling a cycle isn’t hard! Is it all about control and balancing? My friends, cycling has much more to it!

26 inch bike for what size person 

What most people fail to understand is that choosing the right sized cycle is what matters! Imagine being small in height and end up purchasing a bike that is huge. How would you ride it? Of course, sitting in the front won’t help!

What research has shown is that irrespective of the size and height; most people are seen buying the 26 inches bike. What is a 26-inch bike you ask?

If you’ve seen mountain bikes, you’ll have an idea what 26 inches mean. It basically measures the wheel size, giving you an insight into what “height” is the bike suitable for.

Although, most bikes are made considering an average size of a person making it easier for everyone to ride, a 26 inch bike for what size person makes the perfect choice is definitely not for someone who is short in height.

Types of Bikes

Before diving into the detail of which size bike should you choose, it is important to know the “types”. We are sure you’d be shocked at reading the statement, but yes, there are different types of bikes designed for different sized and height people so that riding becomes easy and fun!

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the various types of bike available:

  1. Mountain Bike

Big, powerful, and fast, a mountain bike is every youngster’s dream today. If you’re an avid follower of the cycling marathons, you’ll know the most about these beasts. A mountain bike usually comes with a 26 to 29 inches wheel, making it perfect for rocky roads and long routes.

  1. Comfort bike/ Hybrid

If you’re looking for something that looks powerful but is absolutely comfortable then a comfort bike is what you need! This one comes with an adjustable seat and handle, so no matter what size or height you are, you can enjoy riding it!

  1. Road Bike

Stylish, modern, and comfortable, a road bike is the one in high demand today! It gives a sporty look with huge wheels and great balance so you get to ride down bumpy roads without hesitation. Moreover, a road bike comes with a high seat and low handlebar that tilts slightly forward. If you’re a person of “speed” and “stands”, this bike is definitely one to go for!

  1. Recumbent Bike

Do you suffer from back pain and miss cycling? Well, worry no more because a recumbent bike is particularly designed for people with similar complaints. This bike comes with a reclined seated position or a lying position with the seat positioned backward.

For a person who has suffered from a back injury or complains of neck pain and has a problem sitting straight for long, the recumbent bike is ideal for them. Instead of a saddle, it is a bucket seat with pedals and a bottom bracket in the front. Moreover, it is easy to ride and gives you the absolute pleasure of exploring new terrains on your favorite two/three-wheelers.

  1. Time Trail Bike

Are you in search of a modern bike that looks traditional but is equipped with the latest technology? Then get your hands on the time trail bike right away! This digital bike comes with a timer, is aerodynamic with a shorter wheelbase, and keeps the rider closer to the front.

If you have set a race against the clock, you can beat the odds only if you’re riding the time trail bike!

  1. Trick Bike

As the name suggests, the trick bike was originally designed to show “tricks” on a cycle. It consists of a smaller wheelbase, a longer handle, and a seat that is set low. Moreover, the lightweight frame allows you to ride it down dirt tracks and jump for tricks without losing control.

A trick bike more or less looks like a motorbike offering greater support, speed, and control!

Things to look for when buying a bike

You might have always thought that buying a bike is a piece of cake. What people usually do is visit a shop, choose a bike either based on the salesman’s suggestion or color they like. Yes, sometimes such simultaneous decisions can be right but to ensure you go for the right bike for yourself, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Height

No, we are not talking about the height of your bike, or are we? As at the beginning of the article we have already mentioned, a bigger person cannot ride a small bike, of course! If you’re someone who measures 6 feet and ends up purchasing a bike with a smaller wheelbase, just imagine how difficult it will be for you to ride.

And yes, you’ll be only wasting money!

Before you go out randomly picking bikes, search a little and check Google for which bike will suit your height the best.

  1. Leg Space

Most experts suggest considering the length of your legs when buying a bike, and we do agree with it! How easily your legs reach the pedals will ensure the comfort level when riding a bike. If you have long legs with a bike offering less pedal space, you’ll end up with aching legs only.

Thus, rather than making your rides uncomfortable and less fun, measure your leg’s length to choose the right bike.

  1. The Goal

Why do you want a bike? Do you wish to casually take up bike riding as a hobby? Are you a professional? Or do you need a bike to actively ride it and stay healthy?

The goal you wish to achieve through cycling will influence your decision. If you’re a professional, you definitely need to invest in the highest quality bike which surely comes expensive. On the contrary, if you wish to take it up as a hobby, a bike that is lightweight and costs cheap will serve you equally well.

  1. Maintenance

Another important factor that people tend to overlook is the maintenance of the bike. You might fall in love with a bike because it looks “fancy”, but rather than going for a complicated design, opt for a bike that requires low maintenance.


This is so just in case your pedal chain breaks loose or the wheel damages, you’ll be able to find the spare parts easily. The lower the maintenance cost, the happier you’ll be!

What Bike Size Do I Need

There are different methods that help you choose the right size. Although, these methods do not give you the perfect answer but surely aid in investing in the right equipment.

Hence, let’s get a closer look at what these “measurement” methods are:

  1. The Size Chart

Probably one of the easiest and commonly referred to methods, the size chart gives you a quick glance at the height and bike comparison. Don’t understand what we are talking about? Look at the chart below for a better understanding.

Your Height Bike Size (The Size of the Wheelbase)
4’11”-5’3” 13-15”  bike
5’3″–5’7″ 15–16” bike
5’7″–5’11” 16–17” bike
6’0″–6’2″ 17–19 inches bike
6’2″–6’4″ 19–21 inches bike
6’4″and taller 21+ inches bike


  1. The Manual Calculation

If you do not want to rely on Google charts, why not calculate it on your own? All you need to do is measure the length of your legs and put the right readings in the equation to get the result.


First of all, stand straight against the wall with your legs 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cms) apart. Next, take a measuring tape and measure the height of your legs by placing the tip of the tape on the floor just right in front of your toe and going all the way up to your crochet.

P.S: Take off your shoes to take accurate measurements.

Next, jump on to the type of bike you want (a mountain bike, time trial, comfort bike, or a trick bike) and calculate your height in accordance with the size of the bike. Use the following equation to get the result:

  • Mountain bike: Your leg inseam x 0.66= The frame size of the mountain bike
  • City bike: Your leg inseam x 0.685= The frame size of the city bike
  • Road bike: Your leg inseam x 0.70= The frame size of the road bike

It does look easy, right? Try out these methods to get the closest answer that will definitely help you choose the right sized bike for your height and body type.


26 inch bike for what size person depends on the height. Why it is important to consider your height when choosing a bike? So that you can have a comfortable riding experience and enjoy pedaling as long as you want without hurting your back or legs!



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