How to Lock a Bike without a Rack

Buying a bike rack for transporting your bicycle is not always a viable option for everyone. People who love riding bikes, use it as a means of daily transportation, and are short on a budget usually try finding alternative ways to help them get through the day without a bike rack and without losing it.

Most building has racks installed in the parking lots to help Bikers Park in safely! But what if you’re unable to find a parking lot with a bike security rack?

Think of another way to protect your two-wheeled vehicle, of course!

Thus, how to lock a bike without a rack?

A lock-in the natural surrounding is all you need!

Things to Remember

When you don’t have a bike rack to secure your bicycle, using the natural surrounding intelligently is what you can do. While doing so, keep in a mind the following things:

  • Look for objects that are tall and immobile to lock your bike with.
  • If you don’t find a pole or a tree near you for locking purposes then at least find objects that will help you immobilize the bicycle wheels so it does not stride away.
  • In case you forget to buy a lock and nothing around to lock your bike with, remove accessories that are important in case someone is tempted to take it away.

Buy a Lock Right Away

As compared to bike racks, locks for bicycles are pretty inexpensive. They may not be good at keeping your bikes safe from theft every time but can serve the purpose without you having to spend a fortune on locking systems.

All you need to do is buy a LOCK!

Thieves usually look for stuff in easily accessible places. When buying a lock, look for something that looks difficult to break. A big or fancy looking lock will just do the trick for you, though these may not be the safest ones to use!

Nonetheless, there are two types of bike locks that are easily available in the market: The U-lock or D-lock and the cable lock.

  • The U-lock

A U-lock is a metal rod twisted in the shape of the alphabet “U”. It easily clamps in horizontally from both ends, locking your bike to a pole or tree tightly in place.

This lock may seem difficult to wrap around certain objects, but if used the right way, the lock can easily be slid around objects to immobilize your bicycles.

As compared to other bike locks, this one here is pretty inexpensive and easy to use. If you’re searching for a lock that is hard to break, not very expensive, and keeps your bike safe, go for Kryptonite U-lock or Abus U-lock on Amazon!

  • The Cable Lock

Honestly, you can make a cable lock out of anything! Chains, belts or even ropes when passed through the bike and wrapped around a pole with a lock at the end can make a great cable lock.

When you have nothing to Lock Your Bike With

When you have no stiff, tall object near you, then how to lock a bike without a rack?

Find the next feasible option!

Run your U-lock or chain lock through the frame and wheels of the bike, locking it to a garbage bin or something else. Even if someone plans to take it away, they’ll find an immobile bike with a lock that is hard to breakthrough.

Keeping the Bike Safe Without a lock

Forgot your bike lock at home? Worry no more and try these tricks to keep your bicycle safe:

  1. Hide the Bike

Hideaway your bike behind a tree, in a bush, or even a house, if needed, until you come back for it.

  1. Use the Helmet strap

Run the helmet strap through the frame of the bike and wrap it around a stiff object. It might not be the best idea but in case a thief comes along, you’ll at least catch him in time.

  1. Take the chain off

Without chain properly wrapped around the rear gear, it is impossible to paddle a bicycle. Take it off while you’re absent just to ensure the bike remains immobile.

  1. Take off the front wheel

This might look like quite much of a task but taking out the front wheel will make your bike less appealing to a thief. An inexpensive way to secure your bike in your absence!

The Last Verdict

If racks are expensive then carrying locks along every time even isn’t easy either. When buying a lock for your bike, ask yourself how you will carry it along while riding the two-wheeled vehicle. Thus, always choose a lock that is easy for you to carry, is well within your budget, and serves the security purpose to the fullest.

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