Best Bell Bike Rack- Review and Guide

As much as bicycling is fun, towing it to your car without support can be risky. You obviously cannot just put it up on the roof of your car or push it through the door. Bicycles are expensive! Only someone who loves cycling knows the worth of something like this. So, why risk ruining your favorite sports equipment when you have safer methods to transport it?

This article talks about the best bike racks offered by the very popular brand, Bell. From the modern type to the conventional ones, this label has a huge variety of bike racks to choose from. Which Bell bike rack is the best? The choice is completely yours!

Products Type Features Price
Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack Trunk-mount Easy to install, Lightweight, compact and foldable, Bike holding capacity up to 3, Rubber hooks for damage-free fixation, Compatible with most cars
Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability Hitch-mount, hanging Solid steel body, Coated with rich powder for weather protection, Bell’s life time warranty, Can hold up to 4 bike at a time, Foldable and compact, Soft cradles that keep the bikes separate, Sturdy and durable
Bell Rightup 350 Bike Platform Hitch Rack Hitch-mount, platform Titles down when installed giving access to the trunk, Can hold up to 3 bikes at a time, Ideal for heavier bikes, padded straps to hold down the bikes separately
Bell Bike Cantilever Trunk Rack Trunk-mount Easy to install, Cushioned straps to tie down the bikes, Bike holding capacity: 3, Simple design, High quality straps help attach the rack to the car, Affordable, Offers value for money


Categorizing the Best Bell Bike Rack

Choosing the best bike racks from an amazing collection is surely not easy. What differentiates a rack from “good” to “best” is only a narrow line of uniqueness which one mostly overlooks. To make the choice for a bicycle enthusiast easy, here is how we have categorized the Bell bike rack for you.

  1. Type

First and foremost, it is important to categorize according to the rack types. Although there are multiple types of bike racks available in the market, Bell majorly produces two types of racks:

  • Trunk-mounted bike rack with adjustable straps
  • Hitch-mounted bike rack with a hitch receiver

When talking about the trunk-mounted bike racks by Bell, these are easy to install and cheaper. You do not need any additional straps to install the rack in place, as the package includes all the important stuff that helps with the fixation.

On the contrary, hitch-mounted bike racks by Bell are sturdier than the trunk-mounted racks. They may be a little expensive but deliver great performance with promised durability. Furthermore, the hitch-mount bike rack can further be divided into two categories: a hanging hitch-mount bike rack and a platform hitch bike rack, with each one serving its purpose.

  1. Bike Holding capacity

Next, it is time to talk about the bike holding capacity. This category tells you about how many bicycles can a rack hold. Some are designed to accommodate a single bike while other Bell bike rack can carry up to 4 bikes without a problem. When talking about this, the sturdiness of the rack should always be a priority.

  1. Weight of the Rack

Is your car smaller in size and cannot manage to hold “more” weight? Sometimes it is difficult to adjust heavier racks on smaller vehicles, thus one needs to own a rack that is compact and more importantly, lightweight. The lighter it is in weight, the easier it will be for you to lift it and install it in place. But remember, when it comes to a hitch-mounted bike rack, the heavier the rack, the more quality, and performance it will offer.

  1. The Maximum Load

You cannot just stuff your heavier bikes in a rack that is small and made for one. If you do so, you’ll simply damage both your stud and vehicle, which can cost you a lot. This is why, when talking about Bell bike rack, mentioning maximum load capacity is crucial.

If you have a mountain bike, you need a rack that can hold more weight and for kids or simple adult bikes, a rack lesser in weight with fewer load capacity will work just fine for you.

The Top 4 Bell Bik Racks- The Best Ones You Can Get

Once you know the category of racks, it’ll be easier for you to understand what type of rack you want. Hence, next up it is time to move on to the top 4 racks manufactured by Bell to date.

What do these have in common? These are easy to install, super sturdy, highly durable, and deliver great performance. So, here is presenting to you the 4 best Bell bike racks that are hard to ignore:

  1. Bell Overpass 300 Compact Folding Trunk Rack

The first place on the list rightly goes to the Bell overpass 300 compact folding trunk rack. This rack, as the name suggests is a trunk-mounted bike rack made of heavy-duty steel. It can easily hold up to 3 bikes at a time with a total weight not exceeding 100 lbs.

Although the rack is strong enough to hold a greater load, it merely weighs around 9.86 lbs, making it pretty lightweight and compact. Moreover, you do not need any tools to hammer it in place. Just unpack it, put it in place using straps, and your good to go.

Additionally, the hooks come with rubber ends, to ensure the damage-free installation of the rack, moreover, when not in use, you can easily fold it away. Quality at a low price is what this rack offers! But remember, because this rack falls into the trunk-mount category, you won’t be able to access the trunk once it is fixed in place.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight, compact and foldable
  • Bike holding capacity up to 3
  • Tool-free installation
  • Rubber hooks for damage-free fixation
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Priced affordably


  • Makes the trunk inaccessible
  • Ruins the paint if not installed properly
  • The use of straps only make the rack unsteady and risky to use


  1. Bell Hitchbiker 450 4-Bike Hitch Rack with Stability

It is time now to talk about the Hitchbiker 450 4-bike rack by Bell. This one is a true master when it comes to delivering great performance!

This hitch-mounted hanging bike rack is too made of high-quality steel. It weighs around 33 lbs and can accommodate 4 bikes simultaneously, with a combined weight not exceeding 140 lbs. Sound crazy, right?

The hitchbiker 450 by Bell is sturdy and solid. As it is a hitch-mount bike rack, it can fit 2 inches and 2.5 inches receivers easily. Just mount the receiver and slide in the rack. Furthermore, the rack is coated with a rich powder which keeps it safe against weather changes.

Moreover, you get to lock in the studs using security straps that grip the bicycles strongly for effective transportation. And yes, when not in use, the bike rack can be folded to be stored away! A hitch receiver and pins, are the things that you need to fix the rack in place. Also, the hitchbiker 450 comes with Bell’s lifetime warranty, thus you’ll be happily using it without any worries!


  • Solid steel body
  • Coated with rich powder for weather protection
  • Bell’s lifetime warranty
  • Can hold up to 4 bikes at a time
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Foldable and compact
  • Soft cradles that keep the bikes separate
  • Sturdy and durable


  • A little tricky to install
  • The cradles cannot be adjusted


  1. Bell Right Up 350 Bike Platform Hitch Rack

Looking for a hitch-mount, platform bike rack for your bicycle? Well then, do not miss out on the amazing Bell’s Rightup 350 bike rack!

How has the rack made its place on the list of the best Bell bike racks? To start with, this rack can easily accommodate bicycles with an extra-large tire. Yes, you heard it! Good news for all-mountain bike owners!

It can hold up to 3 bikes in a single go but make sure the combined weight of all the bikes does not exceed 105 lbs. to ensure each bike is safely fixed in place, the rack uses two padded hope to tie them down. A few bolts and nuts and a hitch receiver is what you need to install before mounting the rack on the vehicle. Remember, the Rightup 350 bike rack easily slides in hitch receivers of sizes 1.25 inches and 2 inches.

Furthermore, when installed, the rack tilts down giving you complete access to the rear of the vehicle. It is sturdy and durable; a rack that is ideal for heavier bikes, the Rightup 350 rack by Bell is surely worthy of a purchase!


  • Titles down when installed giving access to the trunk
  • Can hold up to 3 bikes at a time
  • Ideal for heavier bikes like mountain bicycles or ones with fat tires and broader handles
  • Priced low so everyone can enjoy using it
  • Two padded straps to hold down the bikes separately


  • The rack itself is heavier
  • Difficult to install


  1. Bell Bike Cantilever Trunk Rack

Lastly, it is time to talk about the Bike Cantilever trunk rack by Bell. A bike rack without which the list of the best bike racks will remain incomplete!

What makes this rack special is that it is compatible with most vehicles. From motorhomes to SUVs, this trunk-mount bike rack will fix easily. It is solidly manufactured, is super sturdy, and most importantly, can hold up to 3 bikes at a time. This is why, a family of bike enthusiasts, this rack is simply amazing!

Although the Cantilever bike rack isn’t foldable, the simple design makes it compact and easy to use. It attaches to the vehicle of yours by using four straps that promise stability. And to tie down the bikes tightly, you’ll find cushioned straps hanging around to get the work done.

The Cantilever is affordable than most other trunk-mount racks, thus if you’re looking for something at a low price with quality, this deal surely provides value for money!


  • Easy to install
  • Cushioned straps to tie down the bikes
  • Bike holding capacity: 3
  • Simple design
  • High-quality straps help attach the rack to the car
  • Affordable
  • Offers value for money


  • May not be as sturdy as the other Bell bike racks mentioned in the list above
  • Heavy-weight

Why Choose Bell Bike Rack?

With so many famous bike brands available in the market, why should one prefer Bell over others?

This is because when it comes down to quality and performance, Bell offers it all at affordable prices. Plus, most of the racks manufactured by the company are compatible with most vehicles, which gives you a fair chance at choosing the one you like without having to worry about installation. Furthermore, racks by Bell are ideal for a family who loves bicycling and promise to transport your bikes with absolute safety. Also, for hassle-free usage over the years, you get Bell’s lifetime warranty which adds to the fun of using the rack.

From beginners to professionals, no matter what type of cycle you own, Bell has a rack for every shape and size. With this label, you’ll be enjoying buying your favorite bike rack at the most reasonable price. So, think no more, if you’re planning to buy a bike rack, give Bell’s rack a try!


If you’re in search of something cheap yet of good quality, these Bell racks are surely worth a purchase. Take a closer look at which one ticks all the boxes on your list of a “good rack” and buy one right away!

From trunk-mount to hitch-mounted bike racks, this label is a master at manufacturing different types of racks while keeping in mind your priorities and requirements. Why? Because when it comes to sports gear, Bell aims at satisfying its clients with only the best products, offering high quality at extremely affordable prices!


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