What Bike Rack Will Fit My Car

Tired of towing your bikes to the roof of your car and risking everyone’s life while driving through busy roads? But what better option do you have?

For bike enthusiasts, no matter how big or small your vehicle is, transporting a bike can surely be a problem! Well, let’s admit it, a car, no matter which model it is, doesn’t have high roofs with enough space to accommodate a bicycle, let alone managing to fit in more than one!

And even if, somehow you manage to push your stud inside the vehicle, there is a high risk of damaging it on the way, which can be sad! So, what alternative do you have to carry your bikes safely to the required destination?

A Bike Rack of course!

Bike racks are designed specially to carry bikes, from kids bicycles to heavy, mountain studs with complete safety! With these attached to your car, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your bikes or cars during the transit.

Choosing the Right Bike Rack

Are you thinking of installing a rooftop rack on your minivan? Well, the idea might not just work because placing a load on the top of your minivan can damage it! so, what bike rack will fit my car? If this is what you’re wondering for long, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Compact Cars

For an average car, roof racks make an ideal choice. They are easy to install and allows you to transport multiple bikes simultaneously, without causing damaging either to the studs or the car. But as compared to other racks, loading your bicycles on top of it can be a problem, thus do not be ashamed of asking for help!

  • SUVs

Comparatively, SUVs come with higher roofs, hence installing a bike rack on it won’t be much feasible. This is because adding the rack and your bikes will make parking an issue where you won’t be able to drive your SUVs into places with lower roofs.

Then what other options do you have? A hitch-mounted bike rack!

Hitch mounted bike racks are the best for taller cars like SUVs, as they conveniently sit at the back of the car, are sturdy, and promise to transport multiple bikes without a problem! Furthermore, if your SUV comes with a spare tire at the rear, do not worry! You can easily purchase a spare tire rack that fixes to the tire without a hassle, saving parking space so you can enjoy driving down to your favorite places without having to unload the rack every time!

  • Trucks

Although, a truck itself is a bigger vehicle that can easily fit in your bikes, transposing the studs without protection can always be risky! Hence, for truck owners who love biking, a truck bed rack will help you carry your lovable gear without a problem.

Truck bed racks are easy to install, are durable and powerful enough to hold multiple bikes without bending underneath the weight. And once you settle in the bicycles, you might even have a spare room for loading other important stuff including a cooler, camping gear, things that’ll make your trip full of fun!

As difficult it is to transport your bikes with a rack through rough roads, what bike rack will fit my car is a question with a difficult answer! When it comes to choosing the right bike rack for your vehicle, you need to be careful with what you buy. Remember, a bike rack is the safest way to carry your bike, thus choose one that makes the perfect fit for your car!

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