How to Lock a Bike to a Bike Rack

Bicycle thefts have become more common over the past few years. Why? This is because these are easy to carry away without notice!

Thus, for people for whom a bike is the only means of transportation, you wouldn’t want to lose it at any cost. This is why, in your absence, make sure the bike is locked away tightly to a parking lot rack!

How to lock a bike to a bike rack?

Locking your bike to a rack seems like the easiest of jobs. All you need is a lock and clip it to the rack, right?


Sometimes things as simple as these can be the most difficult ones to carry out. If not locked properly, you might end up giving it away easily to a thief. So, how to lock a bike to a bike rack? Here is how you can perfect the skill:

  1. Buy the right lock

No matter you own an expensive mountain bike or have an outdated version of your favorite bicycle, choosing the right lock can save you from losing your only means of transportation.

Thin cable locks are the talk of the past. With more expensive bikes up for the grabs, you need a lock that is hard to breakthrough, sturdy, and strong. You can either go for the metal U-lock or a thick, heavy-duty padlock; both of these make a great choice.

These locks are stronger than the rest, sturdier, easy to lock but not so easy to break. And most importantly, they won’t cost you an arm and leg.

  1. Use Multiple Locks

Well no matter how high-grade quality, expensive lock you use to bind the bike with a rack, it can still be broken lose. So, to be more careful with your two-wheeled vehicle, it is always advisable to use multiple locks. This is so, even if someone tries to break the lock lose, they’ll go through the process multiple times before gaining success!

  1. Use lock at different points

Another thing to remember is to lock your bike to the rack at three different points. Run the chain through the frame, another one through the front tire, and a metal U-lock through the back tire so no one gets the courage to break it lose at the first glance.

  1. Find a sturdy bike rack

In times when you have no rack available around, trees and poles might work just okay. But in case you want to be sure your bike is safe and guarded, look for a parking lot with a sturdier and stronger bike rack that will hold your bicycle tightly in place.

  1. Park in a well-lit area

If there is a parking lot with a bike rack with no street lights or people around, do not risk locking your bike there. This is because thieves love working in dark spaces, in shadows to remain unrecognized. Thus, if you find a pole in a well-lit area with a lot of traffic around, it is better to lock your bicycle there rather than losing it forever!

  1. Get a Tight fit lock

Choose a lock that fits perfectly with your bike. If you have a smaller bike, bigger locks won’t work any good. Similarly for bigger bicycles like mountain bikes, smaller locks are of no use. So, before buying a lock, make sure you get the right size, or else the lock won’t help you.

The hunger for leading a healthy life has increased the demand for bicycles, encouraging manufacturers to design better and more expensive ones that are extremely attractive to own. After spending hundreds of dollars on a two-wheeler, you wouldn’t want it to be taken away just because you didn’t lock it right to the rack in the parking lot.

The above steps will help you work through mastering the art of how to lock a bike to a bike rack, keeping it well-guarded off in your absence!

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