How to Install Bike Rack on Car Trunk

Staying fit and healthy what everyone today wishes for. And what can be better than going out for cycling with friends, take deep breaths in fresh air while getting the heart racing.

Cycling makes a great exercise, helping you lose weight and stay fit. But sometimes it becomes difficult to carry these heavy two-wheelers to the destination. For avid cyclists, owning a bike rack is a MUST!

This tool comes in handy when you need to carry one or more bikes in your without, of course, damaging your vehicle. But, how to install a bike rack on a car trunk?

Fit in the puzzle right and clip the hooks, this is how easy it is to install a rack!

Here are a few tips that will help you fix the rack like a professional. Rather, do a better job at it!

  1. Place the rack on the trunk

Well, starting with the installation of a bike rack isn’t as tricky as you might have anticipated. All you need to do is, unbox the frame and take it to your vehicle.

Now, hold it up against the trunk where the upper bars or straps will rest against the top lid of the trunk. On the other hand, the lower support bars are supposed to be fixed above or below the license plate. But, it also depends on the type of vehicle you own.

  1. Hook the straps

Once you know which part of the frame goes where next you need to clip in the hooks. The hooks of the upper straps will hook to the top of the trunk’s lid and pulled tightly to fix the frame in place.

  1. Attach the lower bars

Now, move down to the lower case of the frame and hook the straps either above or below the license plate. If you find space between the trunk and your car above the plate, quickly slide in the hooks and clip it in place.

Make sure you pull the straps tightly or else the rack won’t be steady enough to bear the weight of your bike.

  1. Hooking the side straps

Once you’re done fixing the upper and lower part of the rack’s frame, move down to the side straps next. Most car trunk racks come with side straps that are hooked to the side of the trunk lid. This adds extra stability to the frame by securing it tightly in place. Also, pull these straps with a force so they become taut and hold the rack in place.

A Piece of Advice

Although, trunk-mounted car racks come in handy for bikes that are heavy like mountain bicycles. Most are designed to fit on a variety of cars including hatchback, SUVs, and sedans, but before you buy one for yourself, do consider the type of car and bike you own.

As compared to other racks, the trunk-mounted bike racks for cars are super affordable but even if installed correctly, they can damage your vehicle. The metal hooks at the end of straps that are attached to the frame can ruin you paint job by scratching it if hooked carelessly. Thus, to ensure your car remains damage-free, always place a piece of cloth between your car and bike to avoid an unnecessary collision between the two.


Still, wondering how to install a bike rack on a car trunk? Hope the steps mentioned above will help you get through the installation process. Just focus on each word, go through the instructions step-by-step, re-check for loose ends, and your all good to go!

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