How to Install a Bike Rack on a Hatchback

Compact and easy drive, a hatchback is one car popular amongst the masses because of its sleek design and great performance. Hence, you wouldn’t want to ruin its beauty while carelessly transporting a bike. All you need is a bike rack for your car to get the work done!

Mounting a bike carrier at the back of the hatchback isn’t much of a task. Most bike racks are designed to fit easily on trunks of hatchback, sedans, and SUVs, hence, finding one for your vehicle won’t be difficult.

Bike racks make great equipment for bikers who need to cover a long distance with their bike. Carrying it on your bare shoulders isn’t something that can be taught of, thus, here is where a rack comes in handy.

The installation of a bike rack varies according to the design. But of course, setting it up is no rocket science! How to install a bike rack on a hatchback? Here are some helpful tips to make things easier for you:

  1. Hold the upper strap

Start with holding the upper strap clips of the rack and place them into the top edge of the hatchback door. Once inserted, pull the straps to ensure the upper frame of the rack is parallel with the hatchback’s door and the carrier sits exactly in the middle.

  1. Lift the rack

Next, pull the upper straps to lift the frame. Keep pulling gently until the rack positions itself on the hatchback’s door, clipping to it safely. In case you’re unable to do it, ask someone to hold the rack for you, and assist in setting it up.

  1. Move Down

Now, get hold of the straps attached to the lower part of the frame. Hook the clips into the bottom edge of the car’s door and pull. Make sure the rack rests against the windshield and back of your vehicle and the straps taut. Re-check for any lose straps and tighten them, position the frame in the middle of the hatchback, ensuring strength and sturdiness.

Tips for How to Install a Bike Rack in a Hatchback

Pre-assembled rack for hatchbacks takes no time to set and is easy to do so! You do not need to spare extra time for the work and things can be done while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee. But to ensure the rack has been set up right, here are a few tips to remember:

  1. Once the rack has been installed, shake it with all force to check for steadiness. If it shakes a little, go back and check for loose straps and tighten them.
  2. Check for any rattling sound that the rack makes while shaking it. If it does so, it means you haven’t pulled the straps tight enough. Thus, check all the strap clips and hook to avoid any accident.
  3. Always consider the size and weight of your bicycle while choosing a rack for your car.
  4. Choose a rack design that perfectly fits your hatchback. Go for a smaller one and it won’t fit while the bigger rack will stay loose, posing a threat of injury to you and those on the road.

Although, there are hundreds of racks that make the perfect fit for a hatchback and come pre-assembled, hence, are easy to install. But even then if you’re not confident in doing so, go for professional help or call in a friend who knows how to install a bike rack on a hatchback rather than risking yours and others’ life.

But once you have a rack at the boot of your hatchback, carrying a bike will become convenient, effortless, and fun for you!


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