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Most parents will notice that cotton is the most common fabric used in onesies for babies. This is true even with close made by some of the budget brands and manufacturers, and the reasons are many. Could it be because of fire safety reasons? Are there fewer allergic reactions for those who use cotton in garments?

Probably the largest benefit comes from the fact that cotton is breathable, although certainly, it’s true that there’s less chance of an allergic reaction when wearing natural fabrics. Babies don’t like to get too warm, nor do they like to get too cold, and so cotton provides a covering that still allows the baby to be comfortable. Because you want the baby to sleep no more than necessary and to eat regularly, dressing it in extraordinarily warm clothing can be a problem. Infants tend to sleep more when they are overly warm.

And baby clothing made with man-made fabrics are not only less breathable, but they also can irritate the skin of the child. Polyester, for example, can have a scratchier surface, and that can make the baby loudly uncomfortable. And some babies have super sensitive skin, which can complicate your choice. For that reason, be careful to read product descriptions carefully before you order. And when those products arrive, look at the clothing labels to make sure you have received what you thought you were getting. Shopping online can be a very gratifying experience, but it can be frustrating when overseas manufacturers provide products that don’t exactly match the descriptions you read when you ordered. Be careful to scrutinize any reviews left by customers. These can be clues that you are about to order from someone who does not sell what they represent.

Trustworthy sites such as have a great reputation for easily handling returns. This can be crucial when you receive something that doesn’t quite measure up. Also, Amazon shoppers are quick to point out any product description inconsistencies. And they can be helpful when you need to select the proper size for your newborn. It’s all part of caring for an infant. You want to be certain that whatever they where is neither harmful or irritating.

We fully recommend that you stick with cotton, especially for simple outfits like onesies, where they are in full contact with the baby’s skin. Be sure to look at a number of different outlets. There are a great deal of online shops that specialize in baby clothing, not to mention the Afro mentioned with its incredible selection. You should have no trouble finding quality cotton garments and providing your child with the most comfortable experience possible.